Cartel container arrives


Cartel container arrives

When we normally place an order with our great archery accessories manufacturer, Cartel - Doo Sung Corporation of South Korea, we invariably fill up quite a few pallets. Freight costs from Asian countries are very high and with this order, we decided to order enough stock to fill a container to ensure we had larger stock holdings. Some items we import, like recurve and compound bow cases, take up a huge amount of space and thus are costly, freightwise.

Our much anticipated Cartel container, with in excess of 9,000 items, finally arrived just before Christmas after a two week Singapore pitstop and extended shipping delays. We had anticipated an arrival in late November but the shipping company in Korea took a long while to book our container on a ship and when they did, it turned out to be a trans-shipment, meaning that our container was off-loaded in Singapore and was supposed to be loaded onto another ship bound for Sydney. We thought that our order was on the high seas, on its way to Sydney and would be in our warehouse soon, only to learn that the container had not been loaded and had been sitting in a Singapore warehouse for more than 2 weeks.

As the expected delivery date blew out, many customers were enquiring when the order would arrive and we do thank all of the good folk who were affected by this delay for their patience. We had been advised of an early delivery slot with the container promised at Castle Hill at 7am, so all staff came in at 7, but our truck arrived at 9.45am, when the weather had really hotted up! It did not seem all that long to unload the container, but the sorting of cartons into order and stacking them up so we could get them stored inside our warehouse took some time.

Each of the 110 cartons needed to be unpacked and barcodes attached to each product. This seems an easy task, but in order to ensure every carton is jam packed, products are not packed in number order and it is necessary to match the correct barcode for the items in the respective carton which does extend the unpacking time. In all, it took our Abbey team 4 full days just to unpack, barcode and pack away the stock.

Many items come in bulk and need to be individually bagged and carded for display and this will involve many days of additional work. Cartel has introduced a new brand into their product line up, called Midas and these are generally up-market versions of products and the Midas name will be further expanded across the Cartel range.

The Midas Recurve hard case is a step up from the top of the range Cartel 110 hard case and features extra storage, telescopic handle, girth strap, 2 skate wheels for easy manoeuvrability, 2 alphabet sets to personalise your case and it is top quality, very well priced, really sturdy, weighing 7.35kg. The new Recurve soft bow case is excellent value with strong padded webbing straps and 5 pockets to provide loads of storage space.

2 new bow stands - the magnetic and 105 aluminium carbon will prove very popular as they are easy to set up and are light, with the 105 model exceptionally light at just 164 grams or 5.8 ounces. A new pressure or plunger button - the Midas Plus plunger has micro adjustable tension and adjustable length, Teflon tip, rubber joins to absorb vibration and has a smooth operation.

The innovative Cartel Exercise Band is similar to another brand at a very good price. This band mimicks the archer holding a bow and drawing back the arrow - without you actually holding the bow and teaches you the correct stance and drawing technique that will help you shoot correctly. The functional low cost Cartel ground quiver and bow stand is a fantastic way to safely hang your bow and arrows while out on the shooting line. It is ideal for schools, sport recreation camps, field, clout and archery clubs, resorts & holiday facilities, even for backyard archery.

We have greatly expanded our range of starter recurve bow packages to cater for short, tall & in-between - 3 heights, many draw weights and in right & left hand. These complete recurve bow set packages include all the gear you need for getting started. Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target. In no time at all, you will be hitting the bull's eye!

We will be progressively uploading onto our website all the new Cartel - Doo Sung products. President of Doo Sung, Mr Dall Young, Lee has been involved in archery manufacturing since 1982 and prior to establishing Doo Sung, Mr Lee was a champion archer and understands what archers need. The excellent packaging, the extreme care to ensure products are neatly packed to conserve on space and are carefully presented is a testament to the high quality and standards that are consistently achieved.

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