NAP Thunderhead 3 blade broadhead 100gr 5 pack

Brand: New Archery Products

NAP Thunderhead 3 Blade Broadhead 100gr 5 pack, 1 3/16" cutting diameter, .027" thick stainless steel blades, ground, honed, stropped to surgical sharpness, hardened high-carbon steel trophy tip cuts on impact, superior penetration

NAP Thunderhead 3 blade broadhead 100gr 5 pack

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NAP Thunderhead 3 blade broadhead 100gr 5 pack Description

Twenty five years plus. Dozens of species claimed. The number one selling broadhead of all time. The Thunderhead. Performance proven.

Thunderhead broadheads, the sharpest stainless steel blades with Diamize edge for visible super sharpness you can see.

Perfect fit between blades, ferrule and point have a patented slimline low-drag ferrule with scooped out sides for superior penetration.

The hardened high-carbon steel trophy tip cuts on impact.

Consistent quality - head to head, box to box.

A patented lock ring, o-ring blade retention system ensures perfect head alignment and cushions the blade on impact.

They come packaged with 6 UBARs for use with carbon arrows.

The 1 3/16" cutting diameter, .027" thick stainless steel blades are ground, honed and stropped to surgical sharpness.

For over 25 years, the Thunderhead has proven it's worth more than any other broadhead in history. World-wide, its performance has been field-tested and proven reliable. New Archery Products or NAP Thunderhead delivers NAP's renowned sharpness. Field-tested. Field-proven.

The Thunderhead is widely recognised as the finest fixed blade broadhead ever created. The sharpest blades. The best quality. More animals have been taken over the years with Thunderheads than any other broadhead.

The patented Micro Grooved Slimline Ferrule on the Thunderhead greatly increases flight accuracy and penetration power. No other broadhead in the world flies as true as the Thunderhead, period.

Thunderheads have Diamize Sharpened Blades, a sharpening process which creates the sharpest blades in the industry for massive haemorrhaging and knock down power. These are the sharpest broadhead blades ever created - sharper blades equal quicker kills.

The most trusted and field-proven broadhead in the hunting world just keeps getting better. The Thunderhead evolution continues.

High-quality, proven consistent performance and superior design feature surgically sharp, replaceable .027" vented stainless steel blades. Hardened high-carbon steel Trophy tips start cutting on impact. Slimline low-drag ferrule increases penetration. Patented lock ring and O-ring retention washers ensure secure mounting and perfect head alignment and cushion blades on impact. Thunderhead 100 grain features a durable head ideal for use with carbon arrows.

NAP Thunderhead 3 Blade Broadhead 100 grain 5 pack

  • Three blade design
  • Cut-on-impact, hardened, high carbon steel Trophy tip
  • .027" thick vented stainless steel blades & 1 3/16" cutting diameter
  • Low drag scooped out slimline ferrule improves flight and penetration
  • Patented lock ring and O-ring blade retention washers cushion blades on impact
  • Comes packaged with 6 UBARs for use with carbon arrows
  • 18 blade pack to replace blades on 6 broadheads can be purchased separately
  • The sharpest stainless steel blades have Diamize edges for a visible super-sharpness you can see
  • The best quality
  • Perfect fit between blades, ferrule and point

Thunderhead - the most trusted name in fixed blade broadheads.

This is what people have said about Thunderheads.

" I have used Thunderheads ever since I have bowhunted. I am their biggest fan. I have shot the heads where they have hit concrete blocks and survived the impact. Put new blades in and keep going. I have always told everybody that there was but one head to shoot and that was a Thunderhead." From Mark Tapia, USA

" I have shot Thunderhead 100's for years and love them. I have been amazed at their durability. Thanks for a great product !!!!" From Mike Martin of Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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