NAP Redneck 3 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack

Brand: New Archery Products

NAP Redneck 3 Blade Broadhead 100gr 3 pack, American made, 1.125" cutting diameter, .027" thick offset blades, ultra razor sharp, no-nonsense simplicity, get accuracy and penetration with each shot, field proven, Redneck approved

NAP Redneck 3 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack

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NAP Redneck 3 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack Description

The Redneck broadhead by NAP is 100% American made and designed to be deadly accurate from today's ultra high speed compounds as well as crossbows.

Some hunters prefer the simplicity and "no-nonsense" design of the fixed blade head and the Redneck, with its 1.125" cutting diameter and offset .027" thick super sharp American made blades ensure deadly penetration and ample blood trails.

  • Designed for ultra high speed bows and crossbows
  • Simple fixed blade option, nothing to go wrong
  • Trouble free and accurate
  • Offset blade design for larger entrance holes
  • Get the right combination of accuracy and penetration with each shot
  • Stick with a simple design that will get the job done efficiently
  • Cutting Diameter 1.125"
  • .027" thick razor sharp American made blades for deadly and deep penetration to create easy to find ample blood trails every time
  • Field point accuracy
  • Aluminium ferrule
  • 100 grains
  • 3 pack
  • Hand assembly instructions are on the NAP website
  • Made in USA
  • Field proven, Redneck approved

The NAP Redneck won't let you down.

This is what people have said about the NAP Redneck 3 blade broadhead 100gr 3 pack.

5 out of 5 stars. "NAP Redneck. Received the 100-grain "Rednecks" as a gift so figured I would try them on my Diablo 18-inch bolts for my Excaliber Matrix 380 Crossbow (380 fps). Determined at the range that these rascals fly as straight and true as the field points so I figured I would try them in the field for whitetail. So far I'm three for three hits to kills. All deer were hit in vital areas, and two of the three deer were broadside rib cage bone and lung shots. These babies cut right through tissue and rib bone without hesitation and buried themselves into the dirt. Shots were distanced from 36-42 yards. Once shot though, the blades loose their edge so I just simply resharpen or put new blade inserts in place and they are good as new. For me to have clean kills, full penetration and trajectories that mirror my range field points is of critical importance. I find these broadheads deliver on all three accounts, so I am sold on them!" From John Pacana from USA

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  • white Presbyterians living in the North
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These are all pretty degrading characterisations and perhaps what most people have in mind when they hear the word redneck. But according to Patrick Huber and Kathleen Drowne, the term, originally an allusion to the sunburned red necks of farmers, was not always used as a slur amongst whites. For example, wearing red neckties and kerchiefs to political rallies, some southerners claimed the label as a "badge of class pride for a county's populist voters."

In the 1970s, being a "redneck" became fashionable and the term redneck chic, which seems to have little to do with outwardly disparaging race or class, was born. According to Patrick Huber, this is what was happening during the Carter presidency and afterward.

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