MTM Magnum Broadhead Box

Brand: MTM

Do you want a storage case that does not take up loads of space, easy to stack and carry, affordable and still have all the security to store your broadheads safely? Well get an MTM Magnum Broadhead Box - problem solved

MTM Magnum Broadhead Box

MTM Magnum Broadhead Box Description

This natty tackle magnum box organiser holds over 20 broadheads.

Once the blades are sharpened, the MTM Magnum Broadhead Tackle Box keeps more than 20 assembled broadheads hair - splitting sharp by suspending the broadheads during transport and ready to attach to your hunting arrows.

If you are the bowhunter who likes to keep all your broadheads in place, this is the box for you!

Conforming to the shape of each individual broadhead, you can hold over 20 broadheads securely in place by two special foam inserts that conform to the shape of each broadhead.

The MTM Magnum Broadhead Box comes with a transluscent small box for storing smaller items that you also need to keep organised. This convenient lift out see-through box has four various sizes of partitioned off compartments for storing extra broadhead blades, tips, tools, nocks, points, nocksets and serving and string materials and fits snuggly inside the Magnum Broadhead Box.

With an easy to carry handle, you can be confident that your broadheads remain sharp and kept securely in place during transport.

Dimensions 29.7 cm long x 12.7 cm wide x 10.2 cm high or 11.7" x 5" x 4".

Colour - Wild Camo

MTM Moulded Products Company believes that a great day at the range or out hunting starts with having the right equipment. 42 years ago MTM Case–Gard dedicated itself to fulfilling those needs. They continue today to bring out products that the active shooters desire. MTM truly value your business and hope that they can make your life a little easier enjoying your favourite sport. MTM is a family run business that believes in God and the family.

  • Magnum broadhead box holds at least 20 broadheads
  • Keeps broadheads sharp by suspending them during transit
  • Two special foam inserts hold 20+ broadheads safe
  • Inserts conform to shape of tip
  • Transluscent small box with compartments included to store smaller items - extra blades, tips, points, nocks and noksets
  • Wild Camo gives tackle box an aged and muddied look
  • Organises and safely stores your broadheads so they remain sharp for your next hunt
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Made in USA
  • Ultimate broadhead storage and arrow maintenance box
  • Broadheads are not included but can be purchased separately
  • Broadheads are held in inserts, so sharp blades stay sharp
  • A mobile "tune-up" shop to keep your broadheads hair-splitting sharp

Model Status: Superseded

The MTM Magnum Broadhead Box has been replaced by the
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