MTM Compact Arrow Case

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Do you want a case that is not going to take up loads of space, easy to stack and carry, affordable and still have all the security of its big brother? Well get an MTM Compact Arrow Case - problem solved.

MTM Compact Arrow Case

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MTM Compact Arrow Case Description

Where and how to store your arrows is often a question facing novice archers. Many resort to storing and transporting their arrows in "a make do" container like a postal tube but the problem here is they are small and your arrows get damaged or squashed or fletches get flattened or ripped off, you cannot easily select your arrows or worse still, your arrows fall out! How embarrassing when you are trying to create the right impression that you are a serious archer.

Arrow cases tend to be big and bulky and for their size don't actually hold that many arrows. However MTM has produced an arrow case which is compact and doesn't take up too much room either at home or when taking it out to shoot.

This case is 83.8cm long x 14.98cm deep x 7.6cm high or 33in x 5.9in x 3in.

Why the MTM Compact Arrow Case is different to other cases is because of its 14.98cm or 5.9" depth - around half the size of most arrow cases.

Plastic snap over clips or latches, a ridge in the top and a corresponding raised section on the bottom to allow the case to be stacked.

Internally it is also compact at 3" high and the sponge separators are only on the one side.

Case is made of strong and durable plastic and will take a fair amount of punishment.

It has double padlock tabs in both top and bottom to padlock case, offering the utmost in security. A great little case and will do the job transporting arrows to and from a shoot.

Affordably priced and small in profile, this compact case makes arrows incredibly easy to manage, transport and store.

The MTM Compact Arrow Case holds and protects 24 arrows stacked or 18 arrows separated separately and securely up to 90.7 cm or 35.7" in total length.

It is ideal for storing in soft bow case pockets and also fits in some hard cases.

The MTM Compact Arrow Case is stackable and with large clear smoke windows at both ends which presents an unobstructed view of your points or fletches on your arrows.

Arrows are separated and kept secure with notched foam padding.

  • Ideal for soft bow case pockets and inside some hard cases
  • Excellent for organising arrow inventory
  • For 18 to 24 arrows
  • 83.8cm long x 14.98cm deep x 7.6cm high or 33in x 5.9in x 3in
  • Cases can be stacked
  • Made from high density rugged polypropylene to last
  • Has clear see through windows to view arrows
  • Movable notched foam padding holds and protects fletches
  • Keeps arrows secure and separated
  • Snap Latch design with dual padlock tabs provide the utmost in security
  • Pad lockable for security
  • Stainless steel hinge pins
  • Arrows are held in place by two pieces of foam
  • Affordably priced
  • Comes in a Clear Smoke colour
  • Made in USA

Please note image is for illustration purposes only, the arrows and accessories are not included.

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