Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target 23inx12inx23in

Brand: Morrell

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target with dual shooting sides and 54 layers of arrow stopping power, makes arrow retrieval so easy, E-Z Tote carrying handle, hanging grommets, delivers long lasting use at an incredible price

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target 23inx12inx23in

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Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target 23inx12inx23in Description

Morrell's Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target is a great target to practice on.

When you are into archery, the only way to get better is by practising and the way to do this is by shooting at targets. Though you can shoot at just random targets, it is better to have custom targets to shoot at like the Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target.

The bright yellow exterior with red aiming points allows you to easily see where you want to shoot your arrows.

Multilayered Density Design with 54 layers takes thousands of shots and delivers superb arrow stopping power every time.

Internal Frame System technology allows you to shoot at every inch of the target.

Easy arrow removal. 100% weatherproof.

E-Z Tote carrying handle for effortless transport and quick set up. Designed for field points only.

  • Measures 58.4cm x 30.5cm x 58.4cm or 23" x 12" x 23"
  • Weighs 13.1kg or 29lbs
  • Stops arrows up to 350fps, stopping them in their tracks
  • Designed for high speed compound bows
  • 2 shooting sides, 10 bullseyes
  • Easy two finger arrow removal
  • Multi-Layered Density Design provides 54 layers of arrow stopping power
  • 100% weatherproof extends outdoor use, withstands rain, heat and even snow
  • Internal frame system technology allows every inch to be shot at
  • E-Z tote carrying handle & hanging grommets included for effortless transport, set up & hanging
  • Bright yellow high visibility exterior with red aiming points
  • Weather resistant, versatile & durable
  • X-tended life target
  • Field points only. Only use arrows with field points
  • Improves shooting skills
  • Takes thousands of shots
  • Not Recommended for outserts or field points larger than arrow shaft
  • Compact size makes it convenient to store when not in use
  • Great target for the money
  • Manufactured in USA from US materials
  • Long lasting at an economic price
  • Replacement cover for this target is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire

Grant Woods, Lane Murry, Barry Campbell, Cameron Hanes, Justin Nelson, Michael McKnight, Travis T Bone Turner, Jimmy Sites, Don & Kandi Kisky practice with and endorse Morrell Targets.

Practice your shooting skills with a durable, affordable target you can trust, the Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target.

This is what people have said about the Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Target 23inx12inx23in.

5 out of 5 stars. "Indestructable. For someone who shoots year round, I have found this target to hold up excellently well. I shoot a high speed bow and this bag has no problems stopping an arrow up close and from longer distances. I highly recommend this target for those who like to shoot year round and put hundreds of arrows in a target." From Buckaroobandit from Nashville, Tennessee, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "No better target for the money. I bought this target online a month ago based off the positive reviews. I recognized there were some negative reviews, but I decided to take my chances. I couldn't be more pleased with the decision. For the money, you can't beat this target. The arrows from my 65# PSE Victor IV stop within 3 inches and can be pulled out with 2 fingers. I can't vouch for longevity, but I would expect being able to put 1000+ arrows through this. I recommend this product." From KDOPP from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "really good target. I purchased this targt for my stinger 3g and I have nothing bad to say about it. It stops my arrows within 8 inches. Overall I really like this target. I recommend this product." From MRBACONS7RIPS from Maine, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I've set up the target in my back yard and been shooting every day getting my exercise and improving my shooting without having to drive to the archery range. After at least a thousand arrows one side has become worn out. I covered the worn-out side with blue plastic tarp (doubled) and continued shooting. I know I have saved the cost of the target in gasoline not even including the driving time to the archery range. I still have one good side on my target. I recommend this product." From Nautico from Hawaii, USA

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