Morrell High Roller 21 Target 13inx13inx13in

Brand: Morrell

Morrell High Roller 21 Combo Foam Target is at the pinnacle of target design. Loaded with features that today's modern bowhunter demands. It is the ultimate target to take away with you on your next trip into the outdoors.

Morrell High Roller 21 Target 13inx13inx13in

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Morrell High Roller 21 Target 13inx13inx13in Description

The High Roller 21 Combo Foam Target by Morrell is one of the most advanced targets we have ever seen! The durability of this target is tremendous.

Tanner Morrell, Marketing Director at Morrells says "We have started a new era in foam technology. High Roller Foam outlasts all solid poured foam competitors and completely fused layers outlast all layered foam competitors."

Having undergone the rigours of the respected target manufacturer, Morrell whose extreme testing, including being flattened by a tractor bucket, the Flex Back foam returns to its original shape time and time again.

As the name suggests, the target has 21 different aiming spots. This reduces arrow collisions and further extends the life of the target by spreading out arrow impacts.

To say that arrow pull on the High Roller 21 is easy would be an understatement. Arrow extraction on this target is near effortless, be it with field points or broadheads and from high or low poundage bows.

  • Easy arrow removal
  • Completely fused layers
  • Lightweight and portable with convenient 10 inch long E-Z Tote rope carry handle
  • 6 shootable sides with 21 aiming offset bullseyes for maximum life
  • Measures 33cm x 33cm x 33cm or 13" x 13" x 13"
  • Weighs 4.54kg or 10lbs
  • Stores easily in your boot or in the shed, weighing just 4.54kg or 10lbs
  • Flex-back foam bounces back, ensuring it lasts arrow after arrow
  • Flex foam stops arrows up to 450 fps
  • Weatherproof design provides exceptional durability
  • Suitable for all compound bows and crossbows
  • Stops all field points and fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads
  • Fade resistant paint
  • Flex-back foam construction for self-healing, unbeatable durability
  • Great for archery shooting practice in the backyard, in the field and the hunter who travels
  • Shoots any bow, shoots any arrow tip
  • Manufactured in USA from US materials

Mark, Terry, Matt & Taylor Drury, Tim Wells, Grant Woods, Lane Murry, Barry Campbell, Drew Norman, Hunter Smith practice with and endorse Morrell Targets.

Morrell's High Roller 21 Target has everything you have been looking for. With essential features such as durability, light weight, portability, easy arrow removal and high visibility, it is the target that needs a home in your next hunting camp. Grab one today and enjoy the difference.

Improve your skills with the Morrell High Roller 21 target.

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