Abbey Bilby Hand Held Bow Scale

Brand: Feather River

These Tru-Weight hand held tubular spring bow scales are made in the USA by Feather River and are fully warranted. Reliable, accurate and durable, these scales allow you to measure the bow draw weight of any compound, recurve or longbow, at any draw length.

Abbey Bilby Hand Held Bow Scale

Abbey Bilby Hand Held Bow Scale Description

These Tru Weight hand held tubular spring bow scales allow you to measure the bow draw weight of any compound, recurve or longbow, at any draw length.

Whether you pull 25" or 32" on a recurve bow or 60 lb or 70 lb on a compound bow, the convenient slide marker on the barrel of the bow scale, stops and marks the maximum weight pulled, so now you will know the weight of your bow at your draw length. The draw weight is calculated by measuring the compression of the coiled steel spring in the scales.

Weighs from 15 lb to 90 lb in 1 lb increments. The indicator stays at peak draw weight up to 90 lb position when bow is let down. Second indicator shows let-off. The scale is hand calibrated at the factory and is in a metal housing and has an easy to read weight marker printed on the barrel. The Abbey Bilby bow scales are lightweight, accurate, durable and dependable.

Easy to use for both left and right handed bowhunters and archers, allowing for a smooth draw. Carry one with you to test bows you are considering buying or use as an aid in bow building. Compact size makes for easy carrying.

  • Measures the weight of any compound, recurve or longbow
  • Know your "actual" draw weight
  • Indicator stays at peak draw weight when bow is let down
  • Weighs from 15 lb to 90 lb
  • Measurement readout on barrel
  • No slip hook
  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty body with stainless steel components
  • Hand calibrated at the factory
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable metal housing
  • Dependable and accurate
  • Easy to operate
  • Fully illustrated instructions included on the back of the product card
  • Easy to carry or to take in your tackle box or quiver
  • For by left and right handed shooters
  • Fully warranted
  • Comes in an attractive silver finish
  • Made in the USA by Feather River

Instructions on how to use Tru-Weight bow scales are

  • Hold scale in your string hand with your fingers around the "T" handle
  • Hold so that label faces you when you draw the bow
  • Attach the string hook holder on the underneath side of the nok set. Do not check the bow weight without a nok set installed on the bowstring
  • Hold the bow in a vertical shooting position and draw the string back slowly and smoothly
  • After reaching full draw, let the string down slowly and smoothly
  • Detach the scale from the bow string
  • The indicator will remain in the peak draw weight position
  • To re-set the scale, just slide the indicator back to the starting position
  • Two fingers around the "T" handle, with the thumb and remaining fingers lightly holding the scale body, is the most consistent way to draw the scale. The "T" handle should be held in the vertical position as a finger shooter would

Get a set of Abbey Bilby hand held bow scales today and you will always know the draw weight of your bow.

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