Bow Jax Slip Jax 2 pack

Brand: Bow Jax

Slip Jax reduce noise and string vibration

Bow Jax Slip Jax 2 pack

Bow Jax Slip Jax 2 pack Description

The future of string silencer design is finally here. The Slipjax string silencers are made to slip in between the string for maximum vibration dampening ability.

SlipJax are extremely durable and have a new robust design and are 8 grains lighter in weight than the original Slipjax. Additionally, Slipjax string silencers are some of the toughest string dampeners ever made.

From bows that are below the 300 fps mark to those that are over 300 fps, these string silencers will last.

They increase velocity by 1-3 fps.

Slip Jax string dampeners are the longest lasting and most effective.

They are the quietest string silencer on the market and reduce noise and vibration and are specifically designed to work on bow strings.

Slip Jax are lightweight and made of quality UV light resistant polymer material to absorb the residual string vibration after you shoot your bow, resulting in a quieter, smoother shot.

They are soft, pliable and tough, a must for protecting your new compound bow.

Simply and easily slip in between strings.

No loss of bow performance.

Bow Jax Slip Jax, 2 per pack.

For compound bows over 320 fps, Bowjax has created the ultra durable Super Slipjax. They are made of a higher durometer polymer for the ultimate in durability and dampening. The Super Slipjax have lost half the weight of the original. Super Slipjax weigh only 13 grains and come also in black. Please enquire about Super Slipjax.

Model Status: Superseded

The Bow Jax Slip Jax 2 pack has been replaced by the
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