Last Chance Revolution Arrow Saw

Brand: Last Chance

Revolution Arrow Saw by Last Chance Archery is the ultimate saw for cutting all types of arrows flawlessly with no damage to your shafts or arrows with a 10,000 rpm quietest motor for the cleanest cut possible. Cut shafts with or without nocks or vanes & at any shaft length. Comes with its own water drip, vacuum attachment & many tools. Abbey Archery recommend & use the Revolution

Last Chance Revolution Arrow Saw

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Last Chance Revolution Arrow Saw Description

The Revolution Arrow Saw is a brand new design arrow saw from Last Chance Archery, the industry's innovator of professional shop tools.

It uses a 10,000 rpm motor for the cleanest cut possible whilst also being one of the quietest motors ever to be introduced onto the arrow saw market.

Standard saw motors normally run at 6,000 rpm and currently the highest rpm motor on the market is 8,000 rpm but this often results in uneven or jagged cuts which can be catastrophic, damaging expensive arrows and shafts.

The Revolution Arrow Saw reduces harmful and messy carbon dust, helping to protect your health, while also keeping your shop clean.

Attach a shop vacuum to collect the carbon dust and water during operation.

This innovative new saw also enables you to de-burr the edge of the arrow shaft, square the shaft ends, clean the inside of the shaft with a wire brush and a brush mop and with the built-in arrow spinner, check the straightness of the shaft.

  • Comes with arrow saw, water drip and vacuum attachment
  • Blade and motor housing helps eliminate noise and carbon dust
  • Arrow spinners check for shaft straightness
  • Deburring tool for the edges of the shaft
  • Cut shafts with or without nocks or vanes and at any shaft length
  • Squaring device for the ends of the arrow shaft
  • Wire brush and brush mop (assorted sizes) for cleaning the inside of the shaft
  • Broadhead tightening tool included
  • Quick and easy adjustment for cutting a shaft to any length
  • Multiple adjustments to always ensure your shaft is being cut straight and not at an angle
  • Replacement 3 inch cut-off wheel or blade for the Last Chance Revolution Arrow Saw is sold separately
  • Keep spare arrow blades & arrow squaring devices in your archery inventory so you are never caught short
  • Abbey Archery recommend and use the Revolution Arrow Saw in both their Sydney and Brisbane stores

The Revolution Arrow Saw includes

  • 10,000 rpm motor
  • 3 inch cut-off saw blade or wheel, reinforced .035" thick black silicone carbide graphite
  • Arrow squaring device
  • Arrow spinner
  • Deburring tool removes nicks & burrs, making deburring quick, clean and easy
  • An assortment of 5 sizes of wire brushes
  • An assortment of 3 sizes of mop brushes
  • Broadhead tightening tool
  • Water dripper

This LCA video features 12 time ASA Shooter of the Year Champion and host of BowLifeTV, World Champion archer Levi Morgan. Arguably one of the best archers in the world, Levi puts his trust in LCA tuning tools and accessories to prepare for every event he attends. When you only have one chance to get it right, count on Last Chance Archery. One Chance, One Moment, One Shot.

The Last Chance Revolution Arrow Saw reduces harmful and messy carbon dust, helping to protect your health and all people in your shop while keeping your shop clean.

Attach the shop vacuum supplied to collect the carbon dust and water during operation.

This innovative new saw allows you to deburr the edge of the arrow shaft, square the ends, clean the inside of the shaft with a wire brush and brush mop and the built in arrow spinner checks the straightness of the shaft.

This is what world archery champions have said about Last Chance Tools.

"LCA tuning tools are the only tools that touch my equipment." From Levi Morgan from USA

"If you are an Archery Guru like myself, then all these products from Last Chance Archery are essential to your tuning and maintenance arsenal. Innovative, dependable, and precision made, these are products you can really use." From Travis "T-Bone" Turner from USA

"LCA is supplying the high quality tools we need to take our archery to the next level!" From George Ryals IV from USA

"When time is valuable, I won't mess with any other press or products out there. LCA's products help keep my bow in shape for the crazy travel and tournament seasons I have!" From Reo Wilde from USA

"No other press on the market is as simple to use, as easy to adjust or as safe on your equipment as the LCA press." From Dan McCarthy from USA

"Every product that they make, makes my life easier as a professional archer!" From Chance Beaubouef from USA

"LCA EZ Press is the only press that will touch my bows!" From Cara Kelly from USA

This is a presentation given by Jonathan Clark of Last Chance Archery at the 2020 ATA Show on the Revolution Arrow Saw.

This is the Cadillac of arrow saws. As well as cutting shafts, there is a squaring device that spins with the blade. It has a sanding disc so you can square the ends of your shaft. Place your shaft up against the blade, then spin your shaft to check your straightness. At that point, pull the shaft off and clean it with a brush or a swab.

You have the ability to deburr the inside of the shaft to get it ready to install a point. There is also a broadhead tightening tool. All sorts of adjustment, everything is built onto the aluminium tracks.

Tolerances are super tight, very precise and consistent. It takes no pressure at all to lock everything down, so as the saw is running, your parts aren't going to come loose and start moving and cause incorrect cuts. There is a shelf that extends out. As you cut shafts, sometimes you press the shaft down and it bends or flexes and that's going to cause you to cut the shaft crooked, so this shelf helps eliminate this happening.

Everything is enclosed, so that all the carbon dust you are normally breathing in or that spreads all over your bench, so everything creates a vortex inside this compartment with the blade and this water dripper. We came up with this. It is the correct speed. As you cut your shafts this water dripper drips water onto the shaft and the blade to keep all that carbon dust from coming out of the saw.

So the water drips onto the shaft, it sucks the carbon dust up and then you'll plug in a shop vacuum to it and it sucks all of that out, so it makes everything clean. It keeps you from breathing all of that in. It does not eliminate it fully, it never will, but you try to eliminate it as much as possible, so you are not breathing in carbon dust every time you cut shafts. The 10,000-rpm motor is quieter and faster and gets a more precise cut as well. You can have a conversation while the motor is running.

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