Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe Bow Press

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Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe makes pressing bows easier and quicker

Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe Bow Press

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Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe Bow Press Description

The EZ Press Deluxe is unique and simple to use. It is able to press most compound bows using a hand wheel to compress the bow.

The components are machined for smooth and easy operation. The manual version is required for higher draw weight bows over 70lbs.

The EZ Manual Press Deluxe utilises the same smooth tracking as the other EZ Press models.

The large wheel gives the user precision control. The EZ Press Deluxe will press bows from 28" to 42" axle to axle. Watch this message about the Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe.

EZ Press Deluxe includes the finger system with micro adjust levellers which only applies pressure to the limb tips - never to the riser. Press comes with 5 fingers and using any of the 4 of the 5 fingers, in different configurations, will accommodate any number of different model bows. The 5 fingers include two straight inside edge fingers, two cut out inside edge fingers and one without a tip.

The EZ Press Deluxe model allows you to work on a bow in the standard horizontal position but with a turn of a handle, you can pivot the bow press into the vertical position (or any other angle you require) to make installation of accessories easier by simply turning the rugged pivot handle to lock the press securely in place.

The press is designed to be mounted on a bench or mounted on the Last Chance bow press floor stand, which can be purchased separately. This press is ideal for the pro shop that has a limited amount of counter space.

The EZ Press Deluxe bow press

  • unique design and simple to use
  • with a turn of a handle, can pivot the press from horizontal to vertical position for easier installation of accessories
  • has a hand wheel with a spinner handle to easily and quickly press bows
  • can be used on standard limb bows
  • efficient and secure compression of short riser and today's long riser parallel limb bows
  • eliminates bent risers and twisted limbs
  • special limb fingers protect limbs and risers from damage and discolouration
  • rugged pivot handle locks securely in place
  • allows you to leave sights, stabilisers and other accessories on the bow while pressing
  • easy to set up and to use for repairs and tuning
  • press does not need to be re-configured every time you work on a different type or style of bow
  • can be free standing or bench mounted
  • working on a bow just got easier and quicker
  • steel welded base
  • attractive bronze powder coated finish
  • stylish and durable
  • crafted with pride in the USA

EZ Press Deluxe bow press is, as the name says, easy to use. To press a bow, move the limb fingers close enough so they are snug against the bow. Then use hand wheel to compress the bow. In seconds the bow is ready to work on

Last Chance EZ Press Deluxe - is the last bow press you will ever purchase.

This is what people have said about Last Chance EZ Press Bow Press.

"Amazing piece of engineering. This is just too easy and I don't have to wait in line at the archery shop anymore !!! Well done and thanks for twice the press at half the price." From Wayne of Rocky Mountains, North Carolina, USA

"Just thought I'd contact you to let you know how much I like your EZ Green Press. Simple and safe to use on any bow. No cable/jacks to worry about. Highly recommend your products. Best of all USA made! Thanks!" From Craig from Hastings, Michigan, USA.

"The best archery press I have ever owned! Function A, Fit A (even got the labels on straight), Design A. The simplicity of this design wins on all fronts. Thanks for a great product." From John of White Salmon, Washington, USA.

"I received my new press last night. I was impressed to say the least. Thank you for such a great product. I pressed every bow - I have 12 - just checking it out." From Anthony of Huntsville, Alabama, USA

This is what world archery champions have said about Last Chance Tools.

"LCA tuning tools are the only tools that touch my equipment." From Levi Morgan from USA

"If you are an Archery Guru like myself, then all these products from Last Chance Archery are essential to your tuning and maintenance arsenal. Innovative, dependable, and precision made, these are products you can really use." From Travis "T-Bone" Turner from USA

"LCA is supplying the high quality tools we need to take our archery to the next level!" From George Ryals IV from USA

"When time is valuable, I won't mess with any other press or products out there. LCA's products help keep my bow in shape for the crazy travel and tournament seasons I have!" From Reo Wilde from USA

"No other press on the market is as simple to use, as easy to adjust or as safe on your equipment as the LCA press." From Dan McCarthy from USA

"Every product that they make, makes my life easier as a professional archer!" From Chance Beaubouef from USA

"LCA EZ Press is the only press that will touch my bows!" From Cara Kelly from USA

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