JMR Leather Glove

Brand: JMR

Australia's only archery accessories leather manufacturer, JMR Archery Manufacturing Co, makes a finger shooting glove of soft pliable leather to protect your fingers

JMR Leather Glove

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JMR Leather Glove Description

Arguably one of those important crossroads decisions in archery is - do you shoot with your fingers or use a release aid. If you elect to be a finger shooter, you will need finger protection so your shooting fingers do not become sore, bruised or blistered from holding and releasing your bowstring.

For field and target archery, it is essential to wear protective finger covering like a glove, to substantially minimise discomfort that a shooter may feel during bow string draw and release. A glove lets you draw the bow string and improve arrow accuracy and eliminate premature arrow release.

The JMR glove is designed so that as you release the bowstring, it provides a smooth surface for the bowstring to slide smoothly off your fingers.

JMR glove is made from soft pliable, quality, durable leather with an elastic back and adjustable velcro wrist fastener and allows air to circulate to your fingertips.

It is form-fitting to fit your hand snugly and comfortably with double seam closed tips folded over and sewn to protect your first three fingers of your drawing hand from repetitive contact with the bow string. The quality craftsmanship in the stitching on the fingers of the JMR glove is evident.

Many hunters and archers prefer to use a shooting glove which gives superb tactility yet provides a very smooth release and keeps your hand warm on a cold day.

Very tough, yet easy to slip on. It is always worn, ready for action, so it is hard to lose when out in the field or hunting

  • Breathable fingertips
  • Adjustable velcro fastener
  • For a consistent, smooth release
  • High finger sensitivity
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Suits either right or left hand shooters
  • High quality yet very affordable
  • Does not constrict finger movement
  • For both hunting and target archery
  • Durable, water resistant and windproof
  • Maximum finger protection

Available in X-Large, Large, Medium and Small. Please specify size.

Another high quality product from JMR. Proudly Made in Australia in our warehouse at Castle Hill, in Sydney by our sister company JMR Archery Manufacturing Co whose motto is You Aim, We Aim, For Perfection.

Please note that we have no control on the leather colour. The image may not always reflect the colour of the product shown and is for illustration purposes only.

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