Jo Jan Mono Fletcher Straight

Brand: Jo Jan

Quality, simplicity and ease of fletching is what you get with a JoJan jig. It will last a lifetime or two.

Jo Jan Mono Fletcher Straight

Jo Jan Mono Fletcher Straight Description

For the archer who is content with fletching one arrow at a time, the Mono-Fletcher is very economical and the most popular fletching jig on the market.

JoJan jigs are extremely versatile with their ability to fletch various types of arrows - from the smallest diameter carbon arrows to the largest diameter aluminium arrows.

This exceptional quality jig provides archers with the convenience of only having to purchase one jig to meet all their needs.

All Mono-Fletcher frames are built exactly the same, allowing flexibility in purchasing other clamps and nock receivers for your jig.

These jigs are designed and engineered to eliminate the use of magnets. The weight of the clamps and the angle at which the jig stands, complement each other, providing an excellent balance to hold the vane or feather to the shaft and give you a perfect fletching every time.

JoJan contends the disadvantage of using a jig with magnets, is it results in the arrow being poorly fletched with either too much or too little adhesive being applied to the vane or feather. With a JoJan jig, the clamp sits above the jig in its own slots, ensuring a consistently fletched arrow every time with just the right amount of adhesive to adhere the vane or feather to the shaft.

Accuracy is important to every archer, from beginners to advanced shooters and with a JoJan jig, accuracy is made simple.

It's lightweight aluminium frame and plated steel clamp is engineered to provide a consistent, precise fletch each and every time. You can fletch either 3 or 4 feathers or vanes with this jig. To fletch 3 feathers or vanes, use nock receiver end with 3 spots in the block - this is how the jig comes; centre indentation on nock receiver must be straight up on the first or cock feather. To fletch 4 feathers or vanes, reverse nock receiver; centre indentation on nock receiver will be off to one side when using four spots.

It is of strong construction, made to last a life time and is easy to set up. All jigs come completely assembled and can be bench mounted using the screw holes on the base of the jig.

Ideal for both feathers and vanes. Also takes right wing helical clamp which is available and can be purchased separately. Three Nock Receivers (cock feather out, cock feather down and for crossbow bolts) are also available and can be purchased separately. By having other nock receivers, you have the flexibility and versatility to fletch either cock feather out, cock feather down or for crossbow bolts.

JoJan state with pride that their jigs are the best jigs around and are always amazed to hear how many archers are still using the same Mono-Fletcher that their fathers used thirty years ago.

JoJan offers quality products to meet your every fletching need. You will always be right on target with a JoJan Mono-Fletcher.

Model Status: Superseded

The Jo Jan Mono Fletcher Straight has been replaced by the
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