Bear Ethafoam round target 121cm or 48in

Brand: Bear

Bear Ethafoam Round targets are especially designed for recurves & Indian fibreglass recurves, great value for money as they last and last & are cheaper in the long run

Bear Ethafoam round target 121cm or 48in

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Bear Ethafoam round target 121cm or 48in Description

At first glance, you will look at the Ethafoam target price and think "Ethafoam is expensive". However when you look into it and add up the real cost and freight charges for 4 compressed strawboard targets, it is far greater than the cost of an Ethafoam target and freight.

You will be ahead by several hundred dollars when you choose an Ethafoam target and whatsmore, you will enjoy the benefits of no insects infesting your target, 100% wound closing self-healing material, much longer target life, lightweight, weatherproof, easily set up & stored by one person and superior value for money.

A heavy strawboard target is just no comparison to a Bear Ethafoam target.

Ethafoam targets have 100% wound closing characteristics and are heat bonded with a 10 ring glass-cloth face.

Unlike the very heavy compressed strawboard targets which attract insects, must be re-covered regularly with black plastic and replaced after 2 or 3 years use, the Bear Ethafoam target is wear resistant, weatherproof, impervious to insects, does not need to be re-covered and lasts and lasts, is lightweight, has cheaper freight costs, the only self-healing target on the market and very importantly, has an excellent target life and is superior value for money.

When you add up the high cost of freight for a strawboard target and its relatively short life, the Bear Ethafoam Target is the only choice.

  • 121.9cm or 48" diameter
  • 15.2cm or 6" thick
  • Save hundreds of dollars
  • Impervious to insects
  • 100% wound closing self-healing material
  • Durable - a much longer useful life
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Wear resistant
  • Easy to set up & store by one person
  • 10 ring glass-cloth face
  • Heat bonded
  • The only self-healing target
  • Cheaper freight cost
  • Superior value for money
  • Only suitable for bows up to 30 lbs - recurves, very light junior compound and Indian fibreglass recurve bows
  • For use on distances over 15 metres or 16 yards only

Please note that the wheeled target stand illustrated is for display purposes only and is not included for sale here but can be purchased separately.

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