Hoyt Tiburon takedown recurve

Brand: Hoyt

The all new Hoyt Tiburon hunting recurve boasts tournament qualities and performance, with hunting ruggedness and durability

Hoyt Tiburon takedown recurve

Hoyt Tiburon takedown recurve Description

The Hoyt Tiburon is what traditional archers have been waiting for! The new Tiburon riser offers exceptional adjustability and tunability to cater for all styles of traditional shooters.

Taking full advantage of Hoyt's tried and true Formula system enabling one of the smoothest to draw and highest performing hunting recurves ever introduced. The Tiburon is available in 3 different lengths 60, 62 and 64 inches with a riser length of 21 inches. Two available limb lengths - 60" and 62" provide a snappy and easily-manoeuvred shot or a smooth and sweet 64" bow length.

BlackOut riser and maple limbs on left and Silver riser and BlackOut limbs on right

With a mass weight of only 3.2 pounds, the Tiburon balances well and is hardly noticeable after a long day's hunt.

Recurve Bag is strong and durable with the familiar Hoyt Traditional Archery since 1931 logo embroidered on front

A welcome addition to the Tiburon recurve is the ability to add an arrow rest and a sight, making the Tiburon appealing to old school traditional archers wanting to shoot bare bow and off the shelf, or to an archer who wants to add some gadgets for further tuning and sighting assistance.

The all-new 21" Tiburon riser combines nearly 85 years of Hoyt's bowhunting know-how with everything they know about the world's best target bows, in one sleek traditional high end hunting recurve package. This is the traditional bow built for the future, super-slim grip, full-radius shelf, formula limb system, arrow rest and bow sight compatible for various shooting styles in a wide array of configurations and colour finishes to suit the most discernible of tastes and it comes standard with a Flemish Twist string and take down limbs.

Hoyt Tiburon delivers a perfect balance of instinctive feel and cutting-edge technology. This exciting new bow offers an ideal introduction to the world of recurve shooting.

Hoyt Tiburon comes standard with

  • Machined aluminium riser
  • Take down limbs
  • Custom Wood Grip
  • Plush lined, padded fold up, cordura recurve carry bag
  • Custom, hand made Flemish Twist string
  • Calf hair string silencers
  • String leeches
  • Traditional rug rest
  • Calf hair side plate
  • Recurve bow stringer
  • Allen key
  • Nok set
  • Hoyt decal
  • Hoyt keyring
  • Hoyt Warranty Book
  • Hoyt 2-piece 4 arrow quiver, available as an optional extra and can be purchased separately

Tiburon specs at a glance

  • Bow Length 62" only
  • Limb weight available in 55lb only
  • Brace Height 7" - 8"
  • Available in Right Hand only
  • Hoyt Traditional Recurve Colours
  • Available in BlackOut riser and Maple limbs only (2nd colour from left)
  • Plush lined, padded fold up, black cordura carry bag with fawn piping with familiar Hoyt Traditional Archery since 1931 logo embroidered on front, to stow limbs, riser and accessories in separate pockets. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions) Bag has a flap to fold over to keep all items in tact, attachment clips at both ends, adjustable straps with clips, webbing carry handle and the familiar Hoyt logo on the front of bag. Recurve Bag can also be purchased separately.
Recurve Bag open with riser and limbs protruding to show pockets. Flap at top folds over to keep all items secure. Bag has many pockets and is quality plus

Also available in a complete bow package - including

  • Bow quiver, side quiver, back quiver or hunting side quiver
  • Puff silencers
  • Martin Deerskin Leather Glove, Vista Deerskin Glove or ASAT Glove
  • ASAT Leafy or True Timber camo suits, headnets and camo paint
  • Bowhunters gear belt
  • Hunting or ventilated armguard
  • Easton Carbon or Aluminium hunting arrows with two or three blade broadheads to suit
  • Bjorn 60cm Target Face
  • Bowstring Wax
  • Fred Bear Padded Recurve Soft Bow Case or Martin Recurve Bow Case
  • 3D Animal target, ShotBlocker block target or DeadStop bag target
  • Bow will be set up and ready for you to shoot.

Please enquire and we will be happy to provide a quote.

The Hoyt Tiburon - follow your instinct and pick one up today.

Scroll down for some informative videos from Fred Eichler.

Limbs: Formula
Axle to Axle: 60, 62 & 64 inches
Brace Height: 7 to 8 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Tiburon takedown recurve has been replaced by the
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