FUSE Ultra Fall-Away rest camo

Brand: FUSE

FUSE drop away Ultra Rest allows the rest to drop only when the bow is fired

FUSE Ultra Fall-Away rest camo

FUSE Ultra Fall-Away rest camo Description

Reliability, quality and effectiveness are the hallmarks of the new FUSE Ultra Rest which is manufactured by Quality Archery Designs.

This patented and proven design features Velocity Drop-away Technology, allowing the rest to drop only when the bow is actually fired.

When stalking, drawing your bow, or letting down, FUSE Ultra Rest totally captures the arrow, even upside down, so it always remains in total control, even in the most challenging and intense bowhunting situations.

The key to this is a patented internal cam/brake design, which also offers total silence.

The convenient, extended thumb lever allows you to cock the rest into a full capture position, where it will remain, giving you complete control of your arrow whether you are drawing or letting down.

The patented FUSE Ultra Rest dropaway is packed with features developed to ensure the highest performance and reliability. Ultra Rest includes Velocity Dropaway Technology, which allows the rest to drop only when the bow is fired. The patented VDT is both durable and reliable. FUSE Ultra Rest always maintains your arrow in total containment. An internal cam/brake design offers superior noise reduction and a silent draw. The convenient thumb control lets you cock the rest into a full capture position, ensuring total silence on either draw or let-down.

FUSE Ultra Rest velocity, lock-down and smart rest technology. With Capture 80 degree smart rest technology, nock an arrow, cock the FUSE Ultra Rest in the arrow capture position via the thumbwheel - then forget it. Even during slow let-down, your arrow remains supported and fully captured until fired. The arrow can never fall off the rest!

Full draw 90 degree velocity drop away, at full draw, velocity drop away technology is activated. The FUSE Ultra Rest knows to drop away only when the bow is fired, not when letting down. If the bow is let down slowly, the launcher returns to the capture position keeping your arrow fully contained.

Drop away 0 degrees with lock-down. If the bow is fired, the launcher drops away and bypasses the capture position, locking into the drop away position. This guarantees total fletching clearance with no bounce back and the most accurate shot possible. The rest uses speed and timing, not inertia.

FUSE retained the services of QAD to build their Ultra Rest which is identical to the QAD Ultra Rest - it performs the same, looks the same and is the same as a QAD Ultra Rest.

With other rests without lock down, high speed technology has exposed arrow rest bounce back which may cause fletching contact and erratic arrow flight. Patented eccentric cam and brakes lock down into the drop away position, eliminating rest bounce back and guarantees total fletching clearance.

FUSE Ultra Rest is bowhunting's premium choice in fall away rest selection.

  • Rest drops away only when the bow is fired - not during a slow let-down
  • Arrow will never fall off the rest
  • Lock down technology prevents bounce back for total fletching clearance
  • Tested at over 400 fps with total fletching clearance
  • Total arrow containment even when letting down
  • Laser cut felt for a deadly silent draw
  • Timing cord lock for fine tuning
  • Cable clamp allows quick and easy installation and no serving is required
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Unique vented rubber design kills vibration
  • Positive lock down system prevents movement during abusive hunting and shooting conditions
  • Convenient thumb lever enables loading and total arrow capture in one fluid motion
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Colour - anodised RealTree Edge camo. Also comes in a versatile, non-glare anodised black finish
  • Available in right and left hand models. Please specify RH or LH
  • Easy to follow installation instructions and illustrations included
  • This product is manufactured by QAD or Quality Archery Designs

Model Status: Superseded

The FUSE Ultra Fall-Away rest camo has been replaced by the
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