Hoyt Prevail FX SD Target

Brand: Hoyt

Hoyt bows deliver, dominate tournament circuits and top podiums worldwide and it will be no different with the Prevail FX powered by 2 new cams, the incredibly smooth, fast and rock solid back wall SVX or the even smoother, less aggressive back wall X3 Cam & a half, with short draw archers in mind with draw lengths as low as 22.5 inches

Hoyt Prevail FX SD Target Description

Year after year, the world's best archers trust Hoyt bows to do what they do best, win.

And year after year, Hoyt bows deliver, dominating tournament circuits and topping podiums worldwide.

Hoyt takes that trust seriously and feels a responsibility to stand at the cutting edge of the archery industry through ceaseless research, testing and innovation using input from the best archers in the world.

Hoyt do all this for one specific purpose - to help you Prevail.

The Prevail FX Short Draw is a result of that process. The FX comes in a Short Draw specific configuration, with XT1000 limbs, accommodating draw lengths down to 22.5".

The Prevail Series introduces a brand new performance enhancing geometry and a brand new engine to power the bow, the all new X3 Cam & a half performance system. You will also appreciate the all new additional rear stabiliser locations and the new hard lock rear stabiliser system. Hoyt's proven Shoot-Thru Riser Technology, 4 angle modular grip system and adjustable 4 position cable guard technology are just a few of the other technologies that make the all new Prevail Series the most advanced target bows in Hoyt's 86 year history.

The X3 Cam & a half is very smooth, with a less aggressive back wall. The X3 allows archers to utilise a draw stop peg for an ultra hard wall or remove the peg and utilise Hoyt's new draw stop machined directly into the module for a softer back wall. It is available in 65% or 75% let-off and comes standard with a rotating inner cam module for easy adjustment in half inch increments. As is always the case with Hoyt cams, both cams are fully optimised for speed and performance by draw length.

Hoyt's patent pending modular grip system allows you to fine tune your grip pressure by changing the angle of the grip. Every Prevail comes with 4 different grip modules in 0, +2, +4 and +6 degrees, with 0 being the standard angle. Try each one to see which angle helps you achieve a dead centre hold and best fits your shooting style and form.

The Prevail features an adjustable cable guard bar to help maximise your bow's tunability and shrink your groups. Four different angle settings allow you to bring the cable guard as close to your arrow as possible without contact, helping to neutralise torque while maintaining perfect arrow flight. Internal locking teeth and two lock down screws ensure it will stay where you put it.

With two rear stabiliser mounting positions, dialing in the perfect balance has never been easier. Whether you prefer a high or low centre of gravity in your shooting, you can fully customise your weight and placement to achieve the perfect feel for your shooting style. In addition, both mounting positions feature a new hard lock stabiliser system to keep your stabiliser from rotating out of position or coming loose while shooting or making adjustments.

Engineering elements and benefits include

  • Shoot-Thru Technology. The unique Shoot-Thru design actually increases lateral stiffness, resulting in a more consistent reaction of the bow as the arrow is released. The Shoot-Thru riser has been engineered for optimised balance, making the bow easier to aim than traditional open shelf bows
  • Pro-Lock Locking Pocket System. The riser-to-limb connection is a bow's most critical contact point. It's the heart of a bow. Superior pocket design is critical for accuracy and consistency. Enter Hoyt's innovative Pro-Lock Locking Pocket System. This cutting edge design directly links the limbs to the riser, resulting in an unbelievably tight tolerance and an incredibly lightweight, ultra durable pocket design
  • Parallel Split-Limb Technology provides for an effective overall width of 2.25 inches, creating much more lateral and torsional stability than that of a traditional 1.5 inches solid limb design
  • Uniform Stress Distribution. Limbs bend but do not break
  • Multi layer lamination limbs. Strongest, most dependable, longest lasting limbs you'll find anywhere

Every Prevail model of riser Hoyt designs is required to survive 1,500 dry fires without a single failure before they are even considered for Hoyt's product line. The XT 1000 limbs go through the same unprecedented torture test.

Beyond that, every model is required to survive a million draw cycles. These are not industry standards, this is the Hoyt standard.

Hoyt knows who they are building these bows for and you deserve the very best.

  • FUSE Custom Strings and Cables. Built rock solid and proven with podium finishes around the world
  • Modular Grip System. Shooter customisable grip angle for customisation of your bows feel and aim with 4 different grip modules
  • Adjustable Cable Guard system. 4 position adjustable cable guard allows for maximum tunability
  • Aluminium TEC lite risers survive our 1,500 dry-fire tests and feature the vibration-stifling bridged grip design
  • Dual rear stabiliser mounting locations
  • Limb Shox. The industry leading Limb Shox feature an innovative, custom, five fin shape, proven in rigorous lab tests to dampen noise and deaden vibration more efficiently than previous Limb Shox designs. Limb Shox ensure whisper quiet, shock free performance
  • X3 Cam & a half is very smooth, with a less aggressive back wall that offers a removable draw stop peg. It is available in 65% or 75% let-off and comes standard with a rotating inner cam module for easy adjustment in half inch increments. As is always the case with Hoyt cams, the X3 is fully optimised for speed and performance by draw length

As part of your bow purchase, you receive a Hoyt promo kit comprising

  • An 18 page Owner's Manual
  • Hoyt Decal
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Hoyt Wrist Band
  • Hoyt Cap

Specs at a glance

  • ATA Speed 278fps
  • Weight ranges 30-40lbs, 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required
  • Draw length range 22.5"-24.5". Please specify draw length
  • Brace height 6"
  • Axle to Axle 34"
  • Mass weight 4.5lbs
  • Let-Off 65% or 75%. Please specify Let-Off
  • X3 Cam & a half
  • Shoot-Thru Technology
  • Pro-Lock Locking Pocket System
  • XT 1000 Limbs. Parallel split limb technology
  • Uniform Stress Distribution
  • Multi layer lamination limbs
  • FUSE Custom Strings and Cables built rock-solid
  • Modular Grip System
  • Adjustable Cable Guard system
  • Aluminium TEC lite riser
  • Dual rear stabiliser mountings
  • Limb Shox limb dampening system
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in 9 target riser colour options of Jet Black, Championship Red, Cobalt Blue, Orange Torch, Electric Teal, Silver Ice, Rally Green, Gold Medal and Slate. Please specify colour required. All bows come with BlackOut Limbs
  • Custom Colour Accessories. Hoyt Stealth Shots, LimbShox or AirShox, Shock Rods and Pro Fit Wood Grip accessories are available in 9 great accent colours to customise your look. Components are sold individually, or in a custom 10 piece accessory kit.Hoyt 2015 Bow Accent Colours

Come in today and test drive the all new Prevail FX. Purpose built to help you Prevail. And all the tech to back it. Get on the Podium with a Prevail FX. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

Bow Cams: X3 Cam & a half
Limbs: XT 1000
Speed: 278 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 34 inches
Brace Height: 6 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Prevail FX SD Target is no longer available. It has been replaced by the
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