Hoyt Pro Force FX Target

Brand: Hoyt

The Hoyt ProForce with cutting edge features, smooth drawing, fast ZT Hyper cams, rock solid back wall, highest let-off cam, QuadFlex limbs & zero tolerance Biax limb pockets, a more stable shooting platform, no hand shock, residual vibration or excess noise for the whisper quiet shot bowhunters demand

Hoyt Pro Force FX Target Description

Each season, devoted archers around the globe trust Hoyt bows to do what they do best, win.

And year after year, Hoyt engineers design bows that deliver, dominating tournament circuits and topping podiums worldwide.

Hoyt takes that trust very seriously and feels a responsibility to stand at the cutting edge of the archery industry through ceaseless research, testing and innovation, using input from the best archers in the world.

The ProForce FX is a result of that process. Shrinking the specs on the ProForce, the ProForce FX is an outstanding specimen of a bow that can cater for archers with a shorter draw length. It can produce sonic speeds up to 332fps, making it a great option for shooters who prefer a compact rig or for 3D archers seeking to maintain faster arrow speeds.

Smooth drawing, fast cams with a rock solid back wall are an integral part of this premier target bow. The Zero Torque (ZT) Hyper Cam is the fastest, highest let-off cam Hoyt has ever produced. With three let-off options of 85% 80% and 65%, the ZT Hyper Cam can be configured for your needs.

Defining this cam is a split cable system with dual buss cable tracks terminating at the bottom cam. This feature eliminates bottom cam lean and the need for a flexible cable guard system.

The top cam has not been left out of the equation either! As always, with a Cam and a Half system there is a yoke attached to either side of the top limb which can be altered in length by twisting to adjust top cam lean. This can lead to one side of the yoke being significantly more twisted than the other and under a different load to the opposing side.

The ZT Hyper Cam employs two different sized tear drop shaped anchors at either side of the limb to allow an even twist ratio in each yoke leg, reducing any chance of unwanted stretch.

Utilising Hoyt's Prevail modular grip system, the Pro Force FX gives the archer an ability to change grip angles between 0 and 6 degrees to accommodate the desired feel. This is a fully customisable grip system, allowing the bow to be perfectly tuned to the archer's specific hand position.

Built with exceptional craftsmanship and the absolute best in materials is the Hoyt QuadFlex limb system. An increase in width to .75", this limb configuration in its wider stance paired with zero tolerance Bi-Ax limb pockets provides the ultimate in torsional stability.

Fuse custom strings constructed from BCY X material are the most stable Hoyt has ever produced.

There is no need for a bow press when installing a drop away rest due to the cable system make up. This feature provides convenience for the pro shop and home bow mechanic alike.

At just under 33 inches axle to axle, the QuadFlex Limbs and ZT Hyper cams work in sync which actually creates a longer axle to axle at full draw which allows for better head position and a more stable shooting platform. This makes the Pro Force FX hold and aim like it's a 37 inch non parallel limb target bow.

A performance driven 6 inch brace height matched with an axle to axle length of 32.75" makes the Pro Force FX a great fit for a wide range of draw lengths while producing ATA speeds up to 332 fps.

Hand shock, residual vibration and excess noise is not a factor with this bow. While a noisy bow will not scare away any targets, a nice quiet shot provides peace of mind when your arrow is on the way to the ten ring.

The Hoyt Shock Pod vibration damping system in conjunction with Limb Shox are a valuable addition to the make-up of this bow and hushes all, for the whisper quiet shot archers demand. Also available in custom colours as separate items.

As part of your bow purchase, you receive a Hoyt promo kit comprising

  • An 18 page Owner's Manual
  • Hoyt Decal
  • Warranty Registration Card
  • Hoyt Wrist Band
  • Hoyt Cap

Specs at a glance

  • ATA Speed 332fps
  • Weight range 30-40lbs, 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 60-70lbs. Please specify weight required.
  • Draw length range Cam 2: 25"-28.5", Cam 3: 27.5"-30" by draw length specific modules in half inch increments. Please specify draw length
  • Brace height 6"
  • Axle to Axle 32.75"
  • Mass weight 4.6lbs
  • Let-Off 85%, 80%, 65%. Please specify Let-Off
  • Zero Torque Hyper Cam
  • Aluminium Riser
  • .75" wide Quad Flex Limb technology
  • Parallel split limb technology
  • Multi-layer limb lamination
  • Zero Torque Cable Guard system
  • Bi-Ax Limb Pocket system
  • In-line roller cable guard
  • Perfect balance stabilisation system
  • Silent shelf technology
  • Custom-Tune Grip
  • FUSE Strings and Cables
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in 9 target riser colour options of Jet Black, Championship Red, Cobalt Blue, Orange Torch, Electric Teal, Silver Ice, Rally Green, Gold Medal and Slate. Please specify colour required. All bows come with BlackOut Limbs

Not all archers are created equal. That's a fact. Not all bows are created equal. This too, is a fact.

The Pro Force FX is drawing attention as a force to be reckoned with! Look out for it on the tournament trail the world over!

(All dry-fire testing is done by trained technicians with proper equipment. Dry firing (drawing and releasing your bow string without an arrow) is extremely dangerous and should never ever be attempted. Hoyt's 1,500 dry fire test and standard is for Hoyt risers.

The new Quad Flex Limb system. Utilises entire length of limb, for increased efficiency, through our patent-pending pivoting pocket design. Past-parallel design creates less limb movement, resulting in a quiet, vibration-free shot.

New Hyper ZT Cam Technology maximises effective string angle, creating a longer axle-to-axle at full draw, increasing accuracy and stability; encourages a more comfortable and accurate head position; gives the manoeuvrability benefits of a short bow in your ground blind or tree stand, while providing the advantages of a longer axle-to-axle bow; Hyper ZT Cam design creates less limb movement, resulting in a quiet, vibration-free shot.

Hyper ZT Cam optimises peep position, creating a more direct string angle and brings the peep closer to your eye, increasing peep-to-sight distance and maximising accuracy.

Hyper ZT Cam allows a more comfortable and consistent anchor and alignment; eliminates 'head tilt' at anchor, by bringing the string to your nose, promoting proper head position and form. Reduced facial contact and string pressure results in more accurate and consistent arrow flight.

Hyper ZT Cam features optional limb stop for those seeking an even stiffer back wall experience than already afforded by the new dual cable stops, the Hyper ZT cams also come with a limb stop option. If you are after that zero-play feeling at full draw, the first-ever optional limb stop brings a new definition of rock-solid rigidity to the Hoyt back wall.

Effective string position at full draw. Head position is vital to the consistency and accuracy of your shot. The new Quad Flex Limb and Hyper ZT Cam systems work together to deliver a dramatically broader string angle, an increased full-draw axle-to-axle measurement and a more optimal peep position. These innovations allow a more relaxed, strain-free posture at full draw and reduce facial contact, string pressure and eye fatigue at anchor.

The result is a 2018 35.75-inch bow that feels and performs like last year's 38-inch equivalent. Yes, you read that right, your 35-inch bow will perform like a 38-inch target dream bow. If the numbers don't convince you, your experience at full-draw and your tightened arrow groups will.

Bow Cams: Zero Torque Hyper Cam
Limbs: .75" wide Quad Flex
Speed: 332 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 32.75 inches
Brace Height: 6 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Pro Force FX Target is no longer available. It has been replaced by the
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