Hoyt Formula Carbon Quattro Limbs

Brand: Hoyt

Hoyt Quattro Limbs are available in Formula and Grand Prix configurations. Never has Hoyt released such a technologically advanced high end target recurve limb

Hoyt Formula Carbon Quattro Limbs Description

Hoyt's most advanced high end tournament Quattro recurve limb is also the most dominating.

The Quattro series limbs were engineered with nothing but performance in mind. Made of high performance, triaxial all-carbon elements and a meticulous lay up creates ultimate stability and high end efficiency. Long story short the Carbon Quattro is much faster yet remains extremely smooth throughout the whole draw cycle. Especially upon reaching the clicker the feel at full draw is unlike any other limb.

In its first year, the championship inspired Quattro Limb found itself on the winner's podium at nearly every major 2014 championship.

It's no coincidence that the best shooters in the world, who could have any archery product in their hands at a moment's notice, choose to shoot the Hoyt Quattro.

The Quattro raised the stakes on high-performance limbs.

40% more torsional stiffness than any limb on the market, the Quattro offers better dynamic limb straightness and string tracking, ultimately leading to a faster, more accurate limb with decreased vibration.

Shoot this once and then again and again and again.

A feeling you won't want to let go. Along with the increased stability comes increased speed - and a lot of it. A feel like no other and responsiveness that is instantly obvious on the first shot.

Available in a Formula option for added performance to be used with Hoyt's revolutionary Formula riser design.

The pundits like to say that "nothing succeeds like success" (pundits like to be obvious).

With nothing but success right from the start more than four years ago, Hoyt's Formula series is the most-winning new bow design in modern history.

From World titles to Olympic Gold, Formula bows have set World, American, European and Korean records time and time again.

The Formula for Success is back and ready for the future. Are you ready?

The future is now. Come join Hoyt for the journey.

Wood core limbs are generally more affected by temperature and humidity than foam core limbs. A wood core limb is often preferred by archers who are looking for a classic, more stable hold and a slower heavier shot feel. Whereas foam core limbs are generally unaffected by weather conditions and are usually faster than a wood core limb, mostly due to having a lighter mass weight. Foam produces a more snappy feel at the shot and a shorter elapsed time from release to string clearance and thus a faster acceleration. However it does come down to personal preference. Available with either Hoyt's syntactic Foam core or traditional laminated rock maple Wood core configurations. Please specify choice.

Limbs come in a strong cardboard box and are protected in limb socks with plush lined insides and velcro flap to secure limbs

Available in lengths of Long 70", Medium 68", Short 66", Extra Short 64". Please specify length.

Comes in a draw weight range from 22lbs to 50lbs, in 2lbs increments. Please specify weight choice.

Hoyt Formula recurve limbs suit Hoyt Formula Risers but do not suit Hoyt Grand Prix Risers. Hoyt Formula recurve limbs do not suit any risers with universal or international limb fitment (ILF).

Hoyt Formula Carbon Quattro Limb for ultimate tournament performance with a feel that is unlike any other limb. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Formula Carbon Quattro Limbs is no longer available. It has been replaced by the
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