Hoyt 900CX Competition Limbs Medium 68in

Introducing the 900CX series, the professional grade limbs for competition archers. The revolutionary 900CX series is the ultimate in performance, reliability and with two available colour theme options of blue or red bands, style as well.


Hoyt 900CX Competition Limbs Medium 68in

Hoyt 900CX Competition Limbs Medium 68in Description

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Introducing the 900CX series, the professional grade limbs for competition archers. The revolutionary 900CX series is the ultimate in performance, reliability and with two available colour theme options of blue or red bands, style as well.

New, high-modulus skin power elements and exclusive Carbon X-Foam technology cores enhance smoothness in the draw and contribute to the great damping properties of the 900 series on the shot.

Carbon X-foam is the most durable syntactic foam formulation in the industry - just what you would expect from the inventors of syntactic foam technology. With higher modulus and greater storage efficiency than any previous Hoyt limbs, the 900CX series delivers a smoothly controlled, custom programmed power stroke, generating more speed and a highly responsive feel. The 900CX stores extra energy early in the power stroke, while providing an exceptionally linear response at full draw.

From Hoyt's exclusive polymer hybrid lamination technology to the new Carbon X-Core, the 900CX series is the crowning achievement of 77 years of Hoyt recurve limb technology.

Built by hand as a matched set by skilled craftsmen in their Utah USA facility, every Hoyt limb features custom optimised tiller and tru-spec weight tolerances, along with what expert coaches, tuners and renowned archery experts have come to recognise as the best static and dynamic alignment in the industry.

The 900CX eliminates the use of heavy fiberglass on the tension side of the limb. An advanced polymer protective cap and high-modulus carbon skin and core power elements are combined with Hoyt's exclusive Carbon X-foam formulation. This proprietary blend of advanced composite materials and precision ceramic microballoons provides unmatched weight savings for added performance and temperature, moisture, and compression resistance far superior to traditional wood cores.

900CX limbs meet an unprecedented list of tests and design criteria. Among these are

  • Temperature test - Standard Hoyt full-spectrum (-7 to +133F, -21.6 to 56 C) temperature tests were conducted on all required length/weight formats. Limb force-draw, speed and hysteresis were all unaffected even at the temperature extremes
  • Static Stability test - Hoyt standard vertical and torsional stability tests show a 100% pass across all length, weight, brace height and geometry ranges
  • Dynamic Stability test - Built as a matched pair, aligned as a matched pair, tillered as a matched pair, every pair of Hoyt limbs including the 900 CX has the absolute best dynamic match in the industry. 900CX limbs have total dynamic acceleration synchronization and a carefully aligned power stroke vertical plane
  • Velocity test - 900CX limbs at identical weights show a significant velocity improvement over the top line competitors' products. This represents a 2-4 fps improvement over the competitors' top line products with more stability after the shot. Note - many competitors' products are marked up to two pounds below their ATA/AMO standard actual peak weight, giving a false impression of enhanced speed. Don't be deceived by this practice
  • Field Tests - 900CX limbs were provided to the Hoyt Primary Test group worldwide in a blind format. All testers indicated enhanced speed, stability and tunability with minimal vibration after the shot
  • Dry-fire tests - 900CX limbs outperform typical limbs in dry fire testing by up to 500%

900CX limbs come in 3 sizes, Long 70", Medium 68" and Short 66" and in colours of red livery opposite or blue livery above. Please specify colour.

Hoyt�s world-class handcrafted recurve limbs are acknowledged as the most accurate, stable, high-performance recurve limbs in the world.

Champions insist on Hoyt 900CX Competition Limbs to take them to the top of the podium. Join the revolution and step up to the professional grade with Hoyt 900CX.

Hoyt 900CX Carbon Limbs fit

  • Hoyt recurves including Helix and Nexus handles
  • Samick recurves including Masters, Agulla & Mizar handles
  • Win & Win recurves including Inno Carbon, Xpert NX, Winact
  • KAP recurves including Winstar II & T-Rex handles
  • Any other handle or riser which accepts universal fitment limbs

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt 900CX Competition Limbs Medium 68in has been replaced by the
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