Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip

Brand: Hoyt

When you fit a Pro-Fit Custom Grip with one of the 9 great colours available to your Hoyt bow, it eliminates any worries about one of the most critical elements on your bow - the grip

Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip

Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip Description

Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip with laser engraved Hoyt Archery logo.

The grip is beautifully finished in wood tonings with coloured accents with the Hoyt Archery logo laser engraved down the body of the grip.

It is a finely crafted laminated hardwood grip shaped to provide great feel and control, without promoting torque.

This grip option will fit your hand and can be used for either hunting or target bows.

Hoyt 2015 Bow Accent Colours

Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip comes in great colours of

  • Orange RH only

Grip is available in Right Hand only

Genuine Hoyt Accessories. Made in the USA.

There’s no better way to outfit your rig than with Hoyt’s Custom Colour Wood Grips. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

When you sit behind the wheel of a new car, the first thing you feel is the steering wheel and say that feels good or I don't like this. It will become very clear whether you like the steering wheel or not. Archers often come into our pro shops, pick up a bow and say I like the feel of this bow and often this is because the grip feels good to them.

80 years of designing the most accurate bows in the world has taught Hoyt a thing or two about bow grips. One thing they know is, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to the ideal grip. That's why Hoyt provides you with versatile choices for the final custom touch.

Hoyt's Pro-Fit Custom Grip system eliminates any worries about one of the most critical elements on your bow - the grip.

Customise the feel of your bow with one of Hoyt's exclusive Pro Fit Custom Grips. As an archer or bowhunter, you shouldn't have to compromise the feel of your grip. Pro-Fit Custom Grips allow you to match a grip with your shooting style creating a much greater level of accuracy and consistency.

Pro-Fit Custom Grips fit most Hoyt models from 2005 and newer that utilise the Pro Fit Grip system but are not suitable for Podium series, Pro Comp FX, Nitrum 30 and bows prior to 2013, Pro Edge Elite, Pro Comp series, Vantage series, AlphaElite, Contender series, Ruckus, UltraElite, ProElite, Kobalt, Trykon Sport or Trykon Jr model bows.

Stealth Shot Bumper, Limb Shox, Air Shox and Shock Rods can be purchased separately.

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Pro-Fit Custom Colour Wood Grip has been replaced by the
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