FUSE Switch quick detach 1 piece 5-3 arrow convertible bow quiver

Brand: FUSE

Bowhunters everywhere rely on the tough, versatile, lightweight FUSE Switch 5 or 3 arrow 1 piece bow quiver, top shelf quality, design & they perform flawlessly & silently

FUSE Switch quick detach 1 piece 5-3 arrow convertible bow quiver

FUSE Switch quick detach 1 piece 5-3 arrow convertible bow quiver Description

Quivers are one of those must have bow accessories during a long, especially pack in hunt. Arrows get lost, bent, or otherwise damaged and it's not always easy to just pack it back and get a few more arrows. On the downside, when selecting a quiver, a hunter has to decide between weight and capacity of the quiver. More capacity helps with having more arrows in reserve, but that just adds more total weight to the bow. If you have ever had this dilemma, FUSE has a quiver called the "Switch" that might just be what you are looking for in a quiver.

The revolutionary Switch 5-3 quiver is yet another example of FUSE's relentless pursuit to build the most advanced gear.

They know who you are and are dedicated to your success. That's the FUSE way. Their way. Come see what they have in store for your season.

Jeremy Eldredge, Fuse marketing manager said "Prior to Fuse, there really wasn't a quality quiver on the market. Hunters were putting cheap plastic quivers on quality bows! Fuse gave hunters the choice between an economy quiver or carbon quivers with single or double grabbers, high-end quick detach systems and shock rods. Now Fuse has added what may be the ultimate in versatility to its quiver line. In the past, for example, bowhunters had to buy a four, five or six-arrow quiver. Fuse's Switch 5 quiver lets you switch from three arrows to five arrows. If you want to go super-lightweight and stealthy, you can run it as a three-arrow quiver and if you think you might need the extra ammo, you can switch it back to a five-arrow quiver. The Switch 5 finally givers hunters the ability to choose the configuration that works best for them, on any particular day, without carrying the extra bulk when it's not needed."

5 & 3 arrow all in one. Modular quiver hood and grippers come standard with each Switch quiver, allowing you to customise your setup for any hunt.

Power Clamp Quick Detach System. The Power Clamp QD system is the ultimate in quick detach designs. Lightweight, machined aluminium components ensure a solid, durable connection without weighing you down and an easy-glide pivot point provides for smooth, quiet clamping action. The high-tech mounting system allows for inboard/outboard adjustment keeping your quiver tight and compact to the riser for better bow balance.

Carbon Blade Technology. FUSE Carbon Blade stabilisers have dominated the archery world with their revolutionary design and efficient, low profile performance. Now, that same technology is at the heart of the Switch quiver. The entire Switch quiver frame is engineered with the same Carbon Blade Technology, making it extremely sleek, lightweight and unbelievably durable. Once again, FUSE has changed everything.

Switch convertible quiver. The revolutionary FUSE Switch 5-3 is the most versatile quiver they've ever engineered. Whether your hunt calls for a stealthy, lightweight 3-arrow quiver or the flexibility of a 5-arrow quiver, Switch has you covered.

Built on the exclusive Carbon Blade frame for low profile and ultimate strength, each quiver comes with a modular hood, modular grippers and fitted hood foam (single gripper only), making it quick and easy to convert from a 5 arrow to a 3 arrow quiver and back again.

Available as a single arrow gripper. Comes as a double arrow gripper, which is not a stocked item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire. The first of its kind, revolutionary Switch quiver is perfect for any hunting situation.

The Switch 5-3 Quiver comes with everything you need to convert from a 5-piece quiver to a 3-piece quiver as well as the Power Clamp QD hardware to mount securely to most major brand bows.

Ejector Pin Technology. The EPT quick release system features an automatic snap-lock lever that engages when the EPT is depressed and the quiver is mounted. The innovative mounting system allows for quick and simple removal and re-attachment in the field.

At FUSE, they live, eat and breathe bowhunting and target archery. They are archers and bowhunters first. They're either bowhunting, shooting or thinking about bowhunting and archery and how to make it better. That's why FUSE has become the most innovative high quality accessory line in the industry today. Premium archery gear, built by expert archers and bowhunters, for discerning archers and bowhunters.

No corners cut. No compromises. Hard use gear. Gear that will not let you down. The most advanced designs, rendered in the most advanced and rugged materials, crafted into intelligently designed archery accessories, made with the highest attention to quality and function.

  • Mounting bracket can be moved along carbon fibre backbone to alter quiver position on riser
  • Convert from a 5 arrow to a 3 arrow quiver and back again, simply by removing part of hood & part of gripper
  • Ejector Pin Technology quick release with an automatic snap-lock lever - engages when depressed & quiver is mounted
  • Power Clamp quick detach hardware bracket installs into a standard two hole quiver mount
  • Lightweight carbon fibre body & quick release milled aluminium bracket
  • Carry handle installed in hood
  • Fits most bows
  • Well thought out, intelligently designed, crafted & constructed
  • Ultimate quiver for lightweight, silence and choice
  • Holds five or three carbon or aluminium arrows securely
  • Fits both right hand and left hand bows
  • Available in Realtree AP camo and Blackout colour. Please specify colour. Also in Max-1 camo colour, which is not a stocked item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Customise your hunt setup with the Switch

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Model Status: Superseded

The FUSE Switch quick detach 1 piece 5-3 arrow convertible bow quiver has been replaced by the
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