Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach 6 arrow 1 piece bow quiver

Brand: Hoyt

Hoyt Arrow Rack 6 arrow 1 piece quick detach bow quiver fits close and tight to your bow & securely holds carbon or aluminium arrows. Totally silent, rattle free, integrated noise & vibration damping bow quiver

Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach 6 arrow 1 piece bow quiver

Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach 6 arrow 1 piece bow quiver Description

The Hoyt Arrow Rack 6-arrow 1 piece quiver is extremely light weight and designed to fit close and tight to your bow for a compact and well-balanced set up. It features a universal quick detach system offering ultimate arrow security with its extra long span.

The Arrow Rack quiver is compatible with both fixed-blade and mechanical broadheads.

This detachable quiver is equipped with the Power Clamp QD system, the ultimate in quick detach designs, a silent, secure and simple mount allowing you to instantly remove your quiver and includes a convenient hanger loop for a tree stand or ground blind.

Hoyt's totally redesigned Power Clamp QD system also brings the quiver inboard toward the centre line of the bow for a more neutral balance and much better total balance. This critical improvement also reduces vibration and induced noise and allows vertical adjustment of the quiver for rattle-free performance.

The quick detach system makes removal a snap without the use of tools. This enhanced QD system not only boasts an easy grip lever that is simple and extremely effective, it also features the ability to adjust your quiver inward, tighter to the bow, for a more compact, better balanced set up, securing the quiver to the bow and also allows for customised vertical positioning. That means you will get the perfect feel and balance for a comfortable and accurate shot.

Featuring a high-impact resistant hood with an integrated noise and vibration damping system, all weather arrow grippers and a totally silent hood liner.

Lightweight machined aluminium components ensure a solid, durable connection without weighing you down and an easy-glide pivot point provides for smooth, quiet clamping action. The high-tech mounting system allows for inboard/outboard adjustment, keeping your quiver tight and compact to the riser for better bow balance.

The best bows in the world deserve a quiver of equal quality. Arrow Rack quivers from Hoyt feature Shock Rod Technology, proven to demolish excess noise and vibration by 32 per cent.

A Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach quiver is the perfect hunting partner for your hard-hunting Hoyt compound bow and represent the pinnacle of design, craftsmanship and function.

Perfect for hunters who are perched up a tree or on a rock ledge who require quick, quiet and easy quiver removal in the field.

With a Hoyt Arrow Rack Quiver, you get total compatibility with mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads and with carbon or aluminium arrows of any diameter. Hoyt Arrow Rack quiver sports a 6 arrow capacity and includes two hood foam inserts - one for conventional or fixed blade broadheads and one for mechanical broadheads.

The Arrow Rack model is available in five finishes, matching your Hoyt hunting bow.

  • Shock Rod Technology. Equipped with extremely effective Shock Rods to kill noise and vibration. Shock Rods available in custom colours which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.
  • Suits fixed and mechanical broadheads, with two pre-cut foam inserts to hold all broadheads, one for fixed blades and one for mechanicals.
  • Hoyt Carbon Technology - carbon composites and aircraft grade aluminium provide a super lightweight and extremely durable quiver.
  • Custom positioning - adjustable quiver mounting bracket for custom up and down positioning and a tight compact fit to the bow.
  • Quick and quiet - innovative, quiet and dependable quick detach design for easy on and off in the field or in the stand.
  • Ultra-tight profile design places the quiver extremely close and tight to the bow, improving bow balance and accuracy.
  • Securely holds all major arrow sizes. Newly designed arrow gripper secures both small diameter carbon arrows and large diameter carbon or aluminium arrows for ultimate versatility.
  • Quick Detach - easy to attach & detach without the use of tools, with easy grip lever
  • Enhanced design - increased spacing and length of the carbon rods results in rock solid arrow security for less vibration from arrow movement.
  • Holds six carbon or aluminium arrows securely
  • Built as tough as a Hoyt bow & mounts directly to riser
  • High-impact resistant hood with totally silent hood liner
  • Hanger loop included
  • Reduces vibration and induced noise
  • Simple and extremely effective
  • Machined aluminium body for rattle free performance
  • Robust designed brackets
  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Unbeatable balance, performance & durability
  • Weighs a mere 300 grams or 10.6 oz
  • Fits both right hand and left hand bows
  • Available in a colour of RealTree Max-1 only
  • Made in the USA
  • The perfect hunting partner for your hard-hunting Hoyt compound

Everything you need for your bow. Hoyt offers a complete line of high end bow accessories featuring the same innovative engineering and superior manufacturing as their critically acclaimed bows. For a complete line of Genuine Hoyt Accessories of sights, stabilisers, arrow rests and quivers.

Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach system built as tough as the bows they're mounted on, offers unbeatable balance, performance and durability. Genuine Hoyt Accessories

Hoyt Arrow Rack Quick Detach 6 arrow 1 piece bow quiver.

If you have treated yourself to a new Hoyt bow, you need a Hoyt Arrow Rack Quick Detach bow quiver - no question. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

Model Status: Superseded

The Hoyt Arrow Rack quick detach 6 arrow 1 piece bow quiver has been replaced by the
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