FUSE Carbon Interceptor 5 .019 fibre optic pin micro adjust hunter sight

You have certainly set the bar high when you use a FUSE Carbon Interceptor 5 pin fibre optic micro adjust hunter sight

FUSE Carbon Interceptor 5 .019 fibre optic pin micro adjust hunter sight

FUSE Carbon Interceptor 5 .019 fibre optic pin micro adjust hunter sight Description

FUSE has been a leader in rugged dependability and pinpoint accuracy and is proud to present the Interceptor adjustable ultra-lightweight sight series.

FUSE Carbon Interceptor series sights provide serious bowhunters more high-end, accuracy-enhancing features than any other sight in their class.

Leading the charge is the customisable FUSE Carbon Interceptor, an ultra-light yet extremely durable sighting solution featuring the most precise and visible pin assembly available.

How did FUSE improve their already innovative family of sights? For starters, they delivered an even more efficient mix of exactly what serious bowhunters need - slimmer sight housings, brighter pins and lighter mounting brackets.

Carbon Interceptor features the proven and patent pending adjustable, high-performance FUSE dual-rod carbon frame and mounting system, for lower mass and vibration resistance to fully customise your sight position while also allowing perfect peep-to-housing centering for discerning bowhunters and target archers, giving the accuracy-boosting benefits of amazingly precise and repeatable micro adjustment. As well, the carbon rods allow the sight to slide forward and backward.

Premium materials and designs allow Interceptor Series sights to easily withstand the most challenging hunting conditions.

FUSE Interceptor's crystal-clear fibre optic completely enclosed lightweight tube vastly increases toughness and reliability, but more importantly, it increases light transmission for an ideal sight picture in any condition. Ultra-light yet super sturdy, this enhanced housing protects your pins without excess, unnecessary weight.

Long fibre optics provide ultra-bright pins, which means 100% confidence even in low light conditions.

The vibrant orange housing allows faster sight alignment and the built-in bright red level assures ultimate accuracy. The level can be removed if you prefer not to have the distraction of a level in your sight picture.

Carbon Interceptor's superlight carbon composite pin hood dramatically reduces mass weight, requiring less counterbalancing.

It also absorbs more vibration and is ultra-strong and durable.

The Interceptor features slender, yet durable 5 precise .019 pins allowing for an unobstructed view of your target and clear visibility in all hunting conditions, is micro gang adjustable with knobs to adjust windage and elevation quickly without using tools, built to extremely tight tolerances with a smooth travel mechanism. Even the most critical adjustments are easy and hassle-free in the field.

All Interceptor sights offer more than five feet of ultra-bright fibre, durable metal optic pins, third axis levelling capability for total control and consistent performance.

The Interceptor Series is also available as a standard model, featuring a precise, rugged, machined aluminium frame and mounting system, while retaining the other cutting-edge features of Carbon Interceptor sights.

Interceptor standard gang adjust sight is not a stock item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire. This hunter-optimised sight features a single fast-acquisition .019 pin for longer distances and faster acquisition up close.

The perfect shot often presents itself in less-than-ideal conditions. When hunting from a ground blind or in other low-light situations, trust the FUSE Sight Lite to dramatically brighten your sight pins � giving you the confidence you need to make the shot and for a clearer sight picture and easy adjustment in the field or on the range. The fibre bundle comes back to the rear of the sight where a sight light can be screwed in to brighten the pins.

  • Adjustable ultra-lightweight sight
  • High performance carbon rods provide the brutally tough backbone for the unique adjustable sight rail extension
  • Allows fully customisable sight position for perfect alignment of your peep sight to the sight housing
  • Ultimate accuracy and adjustment for technical bowhunters and 3D shooters
  • Ultra-bright, precision machined steel pins for absolute consistency and durability
  • Longer shielded fibre optics create incredibly bright pins under the most gruelling conditions with .019" diameter pins
  • Micro adjust
  • Durable five metal optic pins
  • Ultra bright orange sight housing makes peep alignment quick and easy
  • Five feet of ultra-bright fibre optic for optimum brightness
  • 3rd axis levelling capability
  • For a smoother, quieter and more accurate shot
  • Precision dovetail adjustment system
  • Durable sight housings and precision mounts
  • Peak performance whether you're in the scrub or in the heat of competition
  • Low maintenance and user-friendly
  • Black Out, Realtree AP and Max-1 camo. Please specify colour choice
  • FUSE Led Sight Lite is an optional extra and can be purchased separately

You certainly set the bar high when you choose a FUSE Carbon Interceptor micro adjust 5 .019 pin fibre optic sight.

Please note image opposite features FUSE accessories mounted on a bow and is for illustration purposes only. Although a FUSE 3 pin sight is illustrated above, the Carbon Interceptor 5 .019 pin micro adjust hunter sight is only offered for sale here.

FUSE Carbon Interceptor - See everything. Hear everything.

Model Status: Superseded

The FUSE Carbon Interceptor 5 .019 fibre optic pin micro adjust hunter sight has been replaced by the
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