FUSE Carbon Blade ES Stabiliser Black 30in 33in

Brand: FUSE

FUSE Carbon Blade ES or Extra Stiff, proven aerodynamics, flow separation for incredible 70% reduction in wind drag, extra 33% stiffness increase for critical advantage in aiming and shot execution

FUSE Carbon Blade ES Stabiliser Black 30in 33in

FUSE Carbon Blade ES Stabiliser Black 30in 33in Description

In just a few short years, FUSE stabilisers have become a household name among the world's most successful target archers, delivering an unbeatable combination of vibration and noise reduction, strength and durability.

How could FUSE improve on this winning stabiliser.

Like you, FUSE know that archery isn't just a pastime. It's a lifestyle. And to live it to the fullest, you can't waste your precious time on gear that can't keep pace. That's why FUSE engineers its custom accessories to deliver cutting-edge technology and unshakeable performance equated only by your commitment to excel.

Competition in archery tournaments is extremely tough and demanding - so tip the odds in your favour. Outfit your bow with confidence. Conquer the podium with FUSE.

History has been made with Carbon Blade. Stabiliser technology will never be the same. The new FUSE Carbon Blade transcends ordinary stabilisers with capabilities and benefits unmatched by any other stabiliser system. Period.

FUSE engineers used sophisticated real world wind tunnel testing to prove that Carbon Blade generates up to a 70% reduction in cross wind drag, promoting a far faster target acquisition, hold and shot execution in windy conditions than any other available stabiliser.

The FUSE Carbon Blade custom stainless-steel weights are an integral part of the total performance of the Blade stabiliser system, with the unique nested shape promoting even less drag at the critical far end. The included custom Doinker damping unit is also aerodynamically shaped to work in harmony with the Carbon Blade system.

"In theory" wasn't good enough. Fuse tested. Then tested again. FUSE engineers travelled to the world renowned San Diego, California, USA Low Speed Wind Tunnel testing facility to fine tune Carbon Blade's innovative design, solidify their theories, gather critical data and quantify the improved performance of this amazing new system.

The results were astonishing. A measured 70% reduction in drag at wind velocities commonly encountered in outdoor tournament competition, with virtually no change in wind drag all the way past 40 miles per hour or 64 kilometres per hour. Ordinary stabilisers created more than 4 times more drag force in only a 20 mile per hour or 32 kilometre per hour wind gust. This amazing difference directly translates to higher scores.

Extra stiffness in the horizontal plane. Through rigorous lab and field testing and direct feedback from some of the world's best archers. FUSE engineers have optimised the flex pattern of Carbon Blade. The engineered flex pattern maximises horizontal plane stiffness to improve aiming and take total control of the critical launch phase of the shot, the short time when the bow riser must remain stationary while the arrow is departing the bow. Higher effective inertia due to this supreme horizontal plane stiffness also reduces target "float", allowing a more confident, shorter aim time shot, even indoors when you're not fighting the wind. On the other hand, through feedback and testing, it was apparent that top shooters require a more vertically flexible pattern in order to prevent severe recoil, vibration and noise created after the arrow has already left the bow. Carbon Blade's custom flex tuning is the only stabiliser design to address both requirements.

With a variety of lengths available, there's sure to be a Carbon Blade waiting to propel you to the podium.

Reo Wilde (USA), the reigning FITA World Champion, has his Fuse Carbon Blade stabiliser system set up with a 30" front bar with 21 ounces and a 10" side bar with 14 ounces on it. "It is designed like a blade, like a sword blade," Reo says. "It cuts through the wind. You've been out in the wind and you know how it feels like your bow torques from the wind blowing on your stabiliser. It seems to eliminate that. You don't feel that torque in your hand of the bow tourquing from the wind on the stabiliser." When asked about the large amount of weight up front, Reo answered, "It has always worked better for me that way. If it ain't broke don't fix it."

The Game Changer. In 2011, FUSE Carbon Blade took the world by storm. The innovative, fully aerodynamic Carbon Blade stabiliser system was an enormous success from day one, with Carbon Blade shooters racking up scores of victories in the highest levels of competition from Vegas, USA to Torino, Italy.

Carbon Blade shooters include

  • 2011 Vegas compound champion and multiple World Record setter Reo Wilde
  • 4 out of the 6 World Archery Outdoor Championship compound medallists
  • The only two time women's compound World Archery Outdoor Champion, Albina Loginova of Russia
  • 2011 Men's World Archery Outdoor Champion and Korean recurve star Oh, Jin Hyuk
  • ASA champions, Danny McCarthy and Jame Jamison
  • IBO Triple Crown Champion and Shooter of the Year, Cara Fernandez
  • Countless other winners

In every venue, with every style of archery, the absolute technical superiority of Carbon Blade was decisively proven in competitions spanning the globe.

Tournament after tournament, despite the conditions, it was a Carbon Blade shooter standing on the top of the podium at the end of the day.

"Our Carbon Blade stabilisers have been a hit since the day they hit the market. As a testament to the Carbon Blade's superior design, it was used to set several world records in its first year, which really says something about the product," Jeremy Eldredge, Fuse marketing manager explained. "For 2012 Fuse has introduced the Carbon Blade ES. The ES stands for "Extra Stiff", so it is a little bit larger and stiffer stabiliser than previous models. Other than that, the ES shares all of the benefits of the previous Carbon Blade stabilisers including unmatched stiffness on the horizontal plane, 70 per cent less wind drag, improved aerodynamics and a fully adjustable weight system. "

FUSE Carbon Blade offers the ideal height-to-width and elliptical airfoil shape providing for an up to 70% reduction in wind drag compared to conventional round shaped stabilisers. This provides a critical advantage in aiming and shot execution in adverse wind conditions - proven time and again in the inaugural competition season of the now legendary Carbon Blade.

Introducing Carbon Blade ES - the extra stiff series of the Carbon Blade stabiliser family.

Now shooters looking for an even stiffer stabiliser option with proven Carbon Blade aerodynamics are getting their wish. Introducing Carbon Blade Extra Stiff, featuring flow separation technology to maintain the same incredible 70% reduction in wind drag afforded by the original Carbon Blade, but with an additional 33% stiffness increase.

This makes Carbon Blade ES the absolute stiffest stabiliser FUSE has ever measured in the horizontal plane, which is critical for optimal aiming and arrow launch and affords increased vertical stiffness for shooters preferring a higher frequency feel on the shot.

The high-damping-rate, super stiff Carbon Blade ES is fully compatible with existing Carbon Blade accessories, such as Carbon Blade target weights, weight bolts and dampers, as well as FUSE V-bars and FUSE side blade adapters.

Carbon Blade ES Stabiliser is available in two popular target lengths

  • 30" (9.9oz.)
  • 33" (10.4oz.)
  • Please specify length required

Stabiliser comes in presentation hanger, protective red sleeve or storage bag made from a durable and attractive material to keep your Carbon Blade safe and sound when not in use, 10 page installation instructions and care & maintenance sheet, two Allen wrenches. Protective red sleeve has "Carbon Blade" and "70% Less Wind Drag" emblazoned on both sides and the "FUSE" logo repeated across the whole sleeve and features a draw tie to close.

FUSE oval shaped Carbon Blade stabiliser has

  • 70% less wind drag at the critical far end
  • Extra Stiff - a little bit larger and stiffer than the previous model
  • Wind-tunnel tested
  • Doinker damping unit aerodynamically shaped - the amazing difference that translates to higher scores
  • For recurve and compound bows
  • Optimised flex pattern
  • Higher inertia in horizontal plane stiffness
  • Prevents severe recoil, vibration and noise
  • A simple concept that will change archery forever
  • Completely unique. Completely effective. FUSE completely redefines the stabiliser with the all new Carbon Blade. Never before has a stabiliser made this much difference.
  • Tip the odds in your favour with a FUSE Carbon Blade stabiliser

Please note only one stabiliser is being offered for sale here.

Model Status: Superseded

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