Hoyt Grand Prix Epik Riser

Brand: Hoyt

The Hoyt Grand Prix Epik riser incorporates the VertaTune clicker system, is the most adjustable, most tuneable, most dominating riser every created by Hoyt with unmatched accuracy, delivering unparalleled precision to limb-riser alignment. It is more stable and achieves maximum stability whilst maintaining optimal responsiveness.

Hoyt Grand Prix Epik Riser

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Hoyt Grand Prix Epik Riser Description

Once you experience the dead-on alignment and durability of Hoyt's Grand Prix Series risers, you will instantly understand why it is the most imitated system in recurve history.

Hoyt invented the dovetail system more than 30 years ago and it was immediately adopted as the international system for recurve bows.

In the three decades since, this system has been unsuccessfully imitated by companies the world over. Their efforts have proven one thing, no-one does it like Hoyt.

Hoyt has built upon the success of the GMX riser that has proven as an Olympic gold winning riser and current world record holder.

The Epik is an acknowledgement to the requests from their fans, making prized elements from their Formula series risers available in the Grand Prix series ILF system.

Maintaining the same weight, original Earl Hoyt geometry and feel that the GMX is renowned for, the introduction of these features only previously available in the Formula series only strengthen the resume of the Epik, making it a must have for all ILF users.

The Grand Prix Epik is the culmination of over 85 years of research and development, the new peak in riser design and Hoyt is proud to introduce the all-new Grand Prix Epik, built on the award-winning Earl Hoyt geometry.

The Epik is engineered specifically to maximise balance and stability, without sacrificing the snappiness and responsiveness that recurve shooters appreciate.

The ILF system is a great choice for the novice to elite archer, granting the archer access to a much broader variety of limbs on the market in both design and budget, two important decisions in the selection of one's recurve limbs.

Available in 25 inch and 23 inch models, the Epik delivers a smooth shooting experience along with a full resume of new technologies and features.

The Epik comes equipped with the Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels and Verta-Tune clicker plates along with proven, winning geometry, the Grand Prix Epik risers are ultra adjustable and ultra accurate.

Following on from the success of the VertaTune system, Hoyt has introduced a full 360 degrees for cushion plunger lock-down by recessing a machined aluminium plate into the riser. Hoyt also increased thread depth for better engagement, ensuring the cushion plunger is securely locked in place in all settings. Each Epik riser comes with 3 machined aluminium VertaTune clicker plates for a low, medium and high rest/plunger position, allowing for 6mm of overall adjustment based on your preference and setup.

The Pro Series Collet style tiller bolt gets an upgrade with a new design to guarantee the internal locking of the tiller bolt remains centered in the pocket, in all conditions, by locking internally against the threads of the riser as the bolt is tightened. The result is ultimate accuracy and precise limb alignment, improved reliability and alignment consistency even in the most demanding conditions.

Hoyt's revolutionary, Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels feature standard left and right adjustability and now a ground-breaking perpetuation of Independent Limb Tuning Technology allows for micro adjustments to the limbs, ensuring they always stay centered and balanced throughout the draw cycle.

Specs at a glance

  • Riser style Original Earl Hoyt Geometry
  • VertaTune Clicker System with 3 machined aluminium Verta-Tune clicker plates for low, medium and high rest/plunger positions, 6mm overall adjustment for fine tuning
  • Collet Style Tiller Bolts
  • Pro-Series Limb Adjustment Dowels with standard left and right adjustability
  • Hoyt's lightest machined aluminium recurve riser
  • Independent limb tuning technology allows for micro adjustments to the limbs, ensuring they always stay centered and balanced
  • Lengths 23" & 25". Please specify length
  • Mass weights 23" 2.7lbs or 1,224.7 grams & 25" 2.9lbs or 1,315.4 grams
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Riser comes in a strong cardboard box and is protected in a Riser Bag with plush lined insides and Velcro flap to secure riser

Hoyt Grand Prix Risers are compatible with Hoyt recurve grips and accept

  • All Hoyt Grand Prix recurve limbs - Grand Prix Carbon X-Tour, Grand Prix Carbon ACE, Grand Prix Carbon 840, Grand Prix Excel, Grand Prix Carbon Quattro, Grand Prix Carbon 720 but not Hoyt Formula recurve limbs
  • Win & Win recurve limbs
  • Sebastien Flute or SF recurve limbs
  • Any other limbs with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)
Hoyt 2015 Bow Accent Colours

Pro Series tiller bolts are available in 9 exciting custom colours and suit all current Hoyt Target recurve bows. The Pro Series tiller bolts are not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

Hoyt Recurve StealthShot has been specifically made for the Hoyt target recurve risers. "Hoyt's new Recurve Stealth Shot is an absolute game changer." - Jake Kaminski (USA) Two-time Olympic Silver Medallist. The Hoyt Recurve StealthShot can be purchased separately.

The Limbs are shown for illustration purposes only and are not included but can be purchased separately.

Hoyt 2015 Target Painted Colours 2Hoyt 2015 Target Anodised Colours

Available in target colour paint options of Black Out, Pearl White and in anodised paint options of Championship Red, Cobalt Blue, Electric Teal, Harvest Brown, Jet Black, Mean Green, Orange Torch, Silver Ice, Victory Violet. Please specify colour required.

The pundits like to say that "nothing succeeds like success" (pundits like to be obvious).

The future is now. Come join Hoyt for the journey.

The next Epik advancement in the Hoyt Grand Prix Series. Epik, redefining recurve risers forever. Get Serious. Get Hoyt.

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