FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser 6in 6.8oz

Brand: FUSE

The FUSE Axium Pro stabiliser with Doinker and two sets of six 1.25 inch Navcom Shock Rods, all the superior noise and bow vibration crushing features, performs flawlessly, but silently

FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser 6in 6.8oz

FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser 6in 6.8oz Description

The innovative FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser has raised the bar in bowhunting stabilisers. After more than 5 years of relentless and reliable performance in the field, the Axium gets a much deserved upgrade.

The Axium Pro still boasts all the noise crushing features that made it FUSE's top selling stabiliser like the newly designed customised tapered Doinker and Shock Rods but now in a lighter, more compact, effective design.

Axium stabilisers are the ultimate tool for vibration control, noise reduction and weight distribution.

The Axium Pro has two sets of six 1.25 inch Navcom Shock Rods, one at the distal end and the other in the centre of the stabiliser body. That's a total of over 15 linear inches of Limbsaver Navcom superior noise reduction material.

In addition, the Shock Rods have been strategically placed on the stabiliser to dramatically increase movement. That translates to a significant reduction of noise and bow vibration. If you are a serious bowhunter looking to tighten your groups and silence your bow, the all new FUSE Axium Pro is for you.

There's no doubt, silence is a key to successful bowhunting which is why the ultimate goal at FUSE is designing and building accessories that not only perform flawlessly, but silently as well. Through intense research and testing, FUSE developed Shock Rod Technology for the ultimate control of noise and vibration.

Shock Rods are made from durable Limbsaver Navcom and elastomeric material which effectively dissipates vibration and noise.

The Shock Rods are held in a mid point cantilevered position and at the distal end allowing the stabiliser to move freely in any direction. This enables the Shock Rods to destroy excess vibration and noise when a bow is shot.

Tests have demonstrated that bows equipped with FUSE accessories dampen noise 32 per cent faster than other traditional accessories. When you're bowhunting and every decibel counts, the difference between a trophy and returning empty handed is often the sound or lack of, from your bow and accessories. That's why every FUSE accessory made incorporates Shock Rod technology.

FUSE has optimised weight distribution of the Axium Pro and given it great looks. It's no wonder Axium Pro Stabilisers have become a favourite among bowhunters everywhere.

FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser is 15cm or 6" long and weighs 192.8 grams or 6.8oz.

The Axium Pro is also available in 2" and 4" sizes. The 2" is not a stocked item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire. The 4" is sold separately.

  • Twelve individual 1.25 inch Navcom Shock Rods, in two sets of six, to crush noise & vibration
  • Superior noise and bow vibration crushing features
  • Dampens noise 32% faster than other traditional accessories
  • Destroys excess vibration and noise when a bow is shot
  • Transfers shock and vibration through the stabiliser, away from the bow
  • Innovative, lightweight design
  • FUSE toughness and superior efficiency with less mass
  • Unique strategically placed Doinker design demolishes vibration
  • Hold steadier and shoot better with the Axium Pro stabiliser
  • Performs flawlessly, but silently
  • Length - 15.2cm or 6"
  • Approximate weight - 192.8gm or 6.8 oz
  • Available in RealTree Xtra camo or BlackOut. Please specify colour required. It is also available in RealTree Max-1 and RealTree AP camo, which can be special ordered. Please enquire.

You certainly set the bar high when you choose a FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser.

When every advantage counts, trust genuine FUSE accessories for ultimate silence.

Please note image opposite features FUSE accessories mounted on a bow and is for illustration purposes only. The Axium Pro Stabiliser is only offered for sale here. It would mount in place of the Carbon ConneXion Hunter Stabiliser 8" Stabiliser shown.

Model Status: Superseded

The FUSE Axium Pro Stabiliser 6in 6.8oz has been replaced by the
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