Hamskea InSight Standard Peep Kit with Clarifying Lens


Hamskea InSight Standard Peep with baffled interior surface to reflect light away from your eye, to eliminate all glare, produces more consistent images & less frustration in different light conditions

Hamskea InSight Standard Peep Kit with Clarifying Lens

Hamskea InSight Standard Peep Kit with Clarifying Lens Description

Have you ever had glare in your peep that caused you to either miss badly or have to let down? Have you ever wondered why your impact point changes when lighting conditions change or when you go from one side of the 3D course to the other? Have you ever wondered why the target is in focus but your aiming reticle (fibre optic, dot) is not or vice versa? Do you ever get frustrated that you can't clean the lens in your peep?

Well these are all the things Hamskea found unacceptable and sought out to understand and fix.

The result is the InSight peep system.

When Hamskea started looking at the shortcomings and problems associated with existing technologies in scopes, lenses and peeps, they quickly realised that archers have been living with sub-optimised optical systems for many years. The good news is there is no need to compromise any more. The InSight peep system has been designed to mitigate optical aberrations and peep glare while providing more options for customised lenses and apertures.

The trick to any good optical system is to only allow the light from the scene (i.e. target) to enter into the optical path and to reflect unwanted off angle light seen as glare. Light from outside your target scene that reflects from the inner surface of your peep are stray light noise sources (i.e. glare) that distort the true image you are seeing. When this happens, your impact point will change. The patent pending concentric rings and relative distance between each ring of the InSight peep literally traps any off axis light, not allowing it to continue to your eye.

The InSight peep lenses are not your ordinary lens. In fact each lens is crafted from top quality European optical glass to the tightest tolerances and critical parameters.

The InSight peep lenses come in 4 options of A, B, C and D that are mapped to your specific sight-to-peep distance/length and the power (i.e. dioptre) of your forward lens. The table below shows which peep lens to select for a given forward optic power/dioptre versus your own personal sight-to-peep distance. The number described in the table is the true magnification you can expect with this peep system as magnification cannot be determined with only one lens.

The InSight peep is only offered in one colour, black. The reason is black is the most light absorbing colour. If you are buying a coloured peep, you are increasing the light distortion in your sighting system.

The InSight Standard Peep Kit by Hamskea is the last one you will ever need.

With its Light Baffle technology in a 14 grain housing featuring a baffled interior surface to reflect light away from your eye, you will eliminate all glare due to this aerospace anti-glare technology that produces a field of view with zero distortions.

Light baffle technology eliminates peep glare. Normal light sources off axis, like the sun or from your target hits the baffled surface which reflects off axis light away, eliminates glare. Only target light reaches your eye for ultimate clarity.

  • The aerospace anti-glare technology provides perfect undistorted field of view
  • The housing is machined with dual string angle grooves of both 37.5 degrees for bows less than 40" and 45 degrees for 40" bows and longer
  • Light baffle anti-glare design reflects light away from your eye eliminating all glare
  • Made of lightweight magnesium housing for durability and the least amount of glare
  • 16 grains total weight (housing and aperture)
  • Reflects unwanted light to produce more consistent images & less frustration in different light conditions
  • Dual string angle grooves for both short and long axle to axle bows
  • Insight peep lenses are not your ordinary lens
  • Superior anti-reflective lens coating with higher light transmission and low light performance
  • Crafted from top quality European optical glass to the tightest tolerances and critical parameters
  • Easily slides in between the centre of the peep and threaded aperture
  • Available in 4 different magnifications, A, B, C and D. Please specify choice
  • For use with Hamskea apertures and clarifying lenses only
  • This peep is the last one you will ever need

Hamskea Standard Peep Kit with Clarifying Lens includes

  • InSight Peep anti-glare Housing
  • Your choice of one of 4 interchangeable true glass lenses which allow for easy cleaning. Please specify choice
  • 6 aperture sizes of 1-32", 3-64", 1-16", 3-32", 1-8", 5-32" that just screw in from the rear of the peep with the handy tool. You can customise and optimise your peep system for your shooting style and favourite scope lens
  • Aperture installation tool
  • Blue protective case

Clearly the best InSight!

The Hamskea InSight Peep Kit is used and endorsed by Tim Gillingham "The Hammer", 3 time IBO World Champion, 2 time IBO Shooter of the Year, ASA World Champion. Get a Hamskea InSight Peep Kit today.

Model Status: Superseded

The Hamskea InSight Standard Peep Kit with Clarifying Lens has been replaced by the
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