Hamskea Versa Overdraw


After years of prototypes and development Hamskea presents their Versa Overdraw with tournament proven accuracy, for the most discerning bowhunter and archer

Hamskea Versa Overdraw

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Hamskea Versa Overdraw Description

The Hamskea Versa Overdraw is great for those archers craving more accuracy.

If you want to maximise your accuracy, you need to take a moment and discover torque tuning a bow.

Robust and precise in design, as an extension of the patented Versa Rest system, this design is rock solid and versatile, that's the Hamskea Overdraw.

Designed to fit any Hamskea arrow rest, it is an accessory that has great benefits in super tuning your compound bow.

Many professional and amateur archers have taken advantage of torque tuning their bows with the arrow rest to make the most forgiving setup possible.

This process involves moving the arrow rest backwards and forwards to test for the best location to find the most forgiving sweet spot for the rest, where bow hand torque does not impact arrow flight.

The Hamskea Overdraw is universal and can be used by right or left handed archers by simply reversing the catch plate. Easy conversion instructions are included.

For safety the overdraw bar must be used with the safety catch plate installed at all times.

The Versa Overdraw can be used with most other arrow rests on the market. Made in USA.

The below steps are from Hamskea Archery on how to torque tune your bow.

Step 1. With your bow sighted in at 20 yards or 18.3 metres, torque the riser to the left, re-aim to the target and shoot. Next torque the riser to the right, re-aim to the target and shoot. If the arrows do not impact in the same spot, then you need to torque tune your bow.

Step 2. Start by moving the rest back toward the string in quarter inch or 6.35mm increments. Incorporating the Versa Overdraw will enable you to extend your range of travel. Repeat step 1 until you find the rest location that maximises your accuracy when the arrows impact the same spot with the bow torqued in either direction.

Step 3. Once you get the arrows impacting very close at 20 yards, (no matter what left or right torque that you put on the riser) move back to 50 yards or more or 45.7 metres and repeat the test. You may have to make fine adjustments to maximise your accuracy.

Step 4. You can also move the sight in or out if that is an available option, as that will allow for some fine tuning as well.

Maximise your accuracy with the Versa Overdraw and take to the field knowing that you have the most forgiving set up on the planet.

Hamskea Archery Solutions LLC is a company for archers by archers, owned and operated by Tim Gillingham, Andrew Munsell & Shawn Greathouse. Hamskea stands for Tim Gillingham, The HAMmer, Andrew Munsell, SKeeter, Shawn Greathouse, EAsy.

The World's most durable and versatile Versa Overdraw. Built like a Panzer tank yet performs like a fine Swiss watch!

Hamskea Archery Solutions is committed to bringing you the very best products on the market today. Maximise your accuracy with the Hamskea Versa Overdraw.

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