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With GlowPeep you can take your bow hunting experience to the next level. Hunt the day, conquer the night.


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GlowPeep Description

As many bowhunters can attest, in certain low light conditions, it can be extremely difficult to align your shot because you just can't see your peep.

The purpose of the bright, contrasting ring is to give the shooter multiple circles on which to centre the peep when lighting conditions change. When the level of ambient light changes, your eye perceives your peep sight opening differently, so in some light conditions, you perceive a larger opening and in others, a smaller opening.

Changes in that perceived size can make it difficult to effectively centre a single ring on your sight or scope. In some lighting conditions, you can clearly see both the peep sight opening ring and the sight housing ring and line the two up to ensure a proper sight picture.

However in other light conditions, you may not be able to perceive those two rings clearly, thus making lining the two up a bit more difficult, if not downright impossible.

After two years of research and field testing various glow in the dark applications, GlowPeep has come up with a way to make the peep sight more visible in low light conditions, so you can see the peep sight opening or aperture more clearly in low light and thus centre your sight pin more effectively.

A GlowPeep is actually the well respected lightweight aircraft grade anodised aluminium Jim Fletcher Tru-Peep, weighing a mere 8.5 grains, coated with a special glow-in-the-dark material (a photo-luminescent paint) which delivers the GlowPeep up to 12 hours glow time per charge...charge after charge.

A two minute charge from a bright LED light, flashlight or even a tiny penlight torch or a full charge from direct sunlight, can yield up to a 12 hour glow. Take the GlowPeep out of its package before exposing it to UV rays.

Initially the GlowPeep will glow brightly, but will quickly 'cool' to glow dim for up to 12 hours. Because the initial glow is quite bright for your eyes in low light conditions, it is recommended letting the glow settle down for approximately 10 to 20 minutes and stabilise into a faint green, pink or orange glow, depending on the colour you choose and for your eyes to completely adjust to full darkness as they would in an actual hunting or shooting situation.

The GlowPeep's faint or dim glow is ideal for hunting in first light or last light and perfect for hunting in complete darkness. You can adjust the level of brightness emitted from the Glow Peep by increasing or decreasing the charging time or by using brighter or less bright lights. The GlowPeep is designed to glow faint, for if it was to glow bright, it would not allow the archer to see through it as it would blind out the aperture and defeat its purpose.

In daylight hours, the GlowPeep is nothing more than a normal, albeit colourful, peep sight.

  • Hunt in low light, hunt at dawn, hunt at dusk
  • Extend your daylight hunt into the twilight
  • Allows for effective shot alignment
  • Never lose sight
  • Night-time 3D shoots
  • Practice any time, day or night
  • Night-time bowfishing
  • Hunt nocturnal animals
  • Box or brush blinds on cloudy days
  • Never struggle to see your peep in low light conditions again
  • The ultimate GlowPeep luminescent technology
  • Reliable Fletcher Tru-Peep quality body
  • Up to 12 hours of after glow per charge

You will never again struggle to find your peep in low light conditions or when it's dark.

Take your bow hunting experience to the next level and extend your daylight hunt into the twilight.

Now you can hunt nocturnal prey. GlowPeeps are even great for bowfishing but first check local regulations in your state.

GlowPeep comes in 2 sizes, Max Hunter 1-4 inch or 16-64 inch hole for super low-light situations and to centre up the pin guard or scope and Super Hunter 3-16 inch or 12-64 inch hole for low-light situations.

Night time bow hunting technology has seen significant advances in recent years. Sight lights for your fibre optic pins are readily available and come standard on many sights. As well, illuminated nocks have revolutionised arrow tracking and lights can be hung from a feeder to illuminate your prey.

GlowPeeps bring this technology together, allowing for effective shot alignment.

Regardless of your colour choice, the GlowPeep is designed to emit a faint glow, just enough to locate your peep without obscuring your ability to see your target.

Available in two apertures

  • 1-4 inch
  • 3-16 inch

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Comes in two exciting colours of

  • Green
  • Orange

Please specify colour.

With GlowPeep, hunt the day, conquer the night

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