Easton Club XT Recurve Pack

Brand: Easton

If you need a back pack, you can't go past the Easton Club XT Recurve Pack, with more whistles and bells than in a brass band and it is value plus

Easton Club XT Recurve Pack

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Easton Club XT Recurve Pack Description

The Easton Club XT Recurve Pack is the ideal recurve storage case for the dynamic on-the-go archer. This beautifully made recurve backpack sports everything you need to transport your gear safely all into one functional and reasonably priced bag.

Wherever you're heading, you need the Club XT recurve backpack, an attractive, durable, well made back pack, with distinctive Easton logo with comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap. The Club XT backpack is specifically designed as a multi purpose pack. Practical and functional design, size and internal riser and limbs bags with pockets.

If that wasn't enough this stylish backpack comes with an accessories pockets and an arrow tube.

With a weather-resistant material, lots of space, interior pouches for limbs and riser and other features, the Easton Club XT Recurve Pack is tailored for the archer on the move.

  • Includes an arrow tube or tote and extra accessories bag inside
  • Fully adjustable securing shoulder strap
  • Arrow Tote compartment is located down one side
  • Affordable recurve backpack with a sleek and modern sophisticated design
  • One large inside storage compartment
  • High-denier ballistic poly fabric construction
  • Internal removable riser/limb case fits recurve handles up to 25" and long limbs
  • Easton logo featured on side
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Available in Black, Red, Blue and Grey. Please specify colour.

Lightweight and durable back pack with the distinctive Easton logo. Adjustable shoulder strap. Comfortable. Attractive. Well made. Practical and functional design, size and internal layout.

A fantastic storage system and pockets are very functional and practical. The Easton Club XT Recurve Pack has been well thought out and is the answer for archers who want all their gear safely stowed in the one package and will provide years of service. It is great value for money when you consider the Easton Club XT Recurve Pack includes

  • an Easton Recurve Bow Case to stow limbs and riser
  • an Easton Accessories Bag
  • an Easton Arrow Tube

The Easton Club XT Recurve Pack is a super way to transport and organise all of your archery gear and accessories.

This is what people have said about the Easton Club XT Recurve Pack.

5 out of 5 stars. "I feel it’s a lot of pack for the price. I purchased the Gray Pack and the interior was a bright orange which makes everything very visible and easy to organize. While there are not as many individual pockets as I would prefer what there is seems well thought out. There is a removable interior bag which I think can either store up to two risers or maybe a riser and pair of limbs. Arrow tube which protrudes out the top, pretty much dictates that this pack is not gonna be waterproof. Shoulder straps without hip belt from my backpacking days means that this pack is a short trip on the back sorta pack and not one you want to lug around all day as weight will be squarely on shoulders with no hip belt for added support or stability, not gonna be a big deal for most. Price is very reasonable as I have seen simple backpacks with less features go for outrageously more money, and this is an Easton Sports branded product. Value will be pending on how well this holds out but I think it's as well built as other Packs I have seen and used. This pack should fulfill beginners and even seasoned archers alike, depending on how much stuff one carries." From Aaron E Panganiban from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great value. I bought this case hopeing that it would fit 3 bows and some basic equipment for trips to the range with my kids. Well this pack did that and more. Fit all three risers and limbs along with my kids arrows and mine. And still had plenty of room to carry all my tools and extra parts. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend to all who take those beautiful trips to the range with the kids and all the equipment." From A1 from USA

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