DVD The Self-Reliant Bowhunter by Michael Braden


Arguably the best DVD on everything archery including teaching you to become a bow mechanic and how to select, set-up, tune and maintain your hunting bow from one of the best archery experts in the world

DVD The Self-Reliant Bowhunter by Michael Braden

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DVD The Self-Reliant Bowhunter by Michael Braden Description

The Self-Reliant Bowhunter is all about teaching you to become a bow mechanic.

It includes a three DVD set of over four hours of instructional programmes jam packed aimed at teaching any compound bow shooter how to select, set-up, tune and maintain their hunting bow.

Have you ever been far from a pro shop needing to make repairs or adjustments to your bow?

Have you wished you knew how to make those changes yourself?

These DVDs are the answer.

With access to the right tools, Michael Braden will show you, in detail, how to be a total bow mechanic, plus much, much more.

The Self-Reliant Bowhunter 3 DVD set delivers over 4 hours of valuable archery information.

The Topics include

  • Disc One
  • Tools for the home shop
  • Determining your AMO draw length
  • Determining the AMO Draw Length of a bow
  • Using the Draw Length check drill to select the right bow
  • Determining arrow length and spine bow selection
  • Tying nocking points and D-Loops
  • Mounting accessories
  • Installing and tying in the lift cord to a fall-away rest
  • Inserting a peep
  • Addressing cam lean
  • Initial adjustments to fall-away rests
  • Adjusting the lift cord of a fall-away rest
  • Adjusting the draw length of your bow
  • Disc Two
  • Paper, bare shaft and broadhead tuning your bow
  • Finishing the lift cord of a fall-away rest
  • Tying in a peep
  • Making a log of your bow
  • Checking vane clearance
  • Setting your sight
  • Different length D-Loops on different axle to axle length bows
  • D-Loops made easy
  • Replacing the centre serving
  • Cam synchronisation
  • Disc Three
  • Levelling your bow sight on three axes
  • Arrow fletching
  • Tips on replacing your string and cables
  • Selecting a release aid
  • Shot sequence and execution
  • Practice drills for hunters and much more!
  • Bonus topics
  • The details of proper form and how form must dictate your proper draw length
  • Practice drills for hunting
  • How to shoot using a process

This is what people have said about The Self-Reliant Bowhunter DVD by Michael Braden.

5 out of 5 stars. "Michael Braden's DVD. These are invaluable for the novice, or beginner, archery. Braden shares very basic, but quantified facts (and his opinions) on bow and arrow setups...sizing, etc. I got a lot out of it and still refer back to his DVDs when I am doing a particular task." From Dale Edwards from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Product! Had been wanting this set for a while. Wish I hadn't waited... After a couple years of self diagnosing my draw length, I finally understand why it never felt correct. I have been able to re-evaluate everything in my archery set-up and shooting. This will give you confidence to work on your own equipment." From Justin W from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Very educational. I am a novice bow mechanic. I learned a bunch with the self reliant bowhunter." From Barry from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Very informative. This 3 DVD set is the most informative block of instruction on everything from fletching your arrows to installing a new string and cams on your bow, not to mention shooting tips. I would recommend these DVDs to anyone who just wants to know the basics all the way up to more technical stuff. I got a lot out of it, now all my buddies want to borrow them." From greenberet03 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best money I've ever spent on archery. This is a great set of DVDs. The information flows well and instructions are clear as are the graphics. I hope this is not the last set of DVDs Mr. Braden makes." From Eric Furuglyas from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Awesome. Great set of DVDs. In-depth information on how to truly be self-reliant. Not just for the Bowhunter but all shooters. Highly recommend." From Fita1440 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Excellent DVD. Very informative. If you want to learn how to work on your bow yourself, then this is the video for you." From axe6shooter from USA

Michael Braden has been competing in archery for 25 years and turned Pro in 1996. In his first year as a professional archer, he won Rookie of the Year in the ASA Tour. The bulk of Michael's success has come from 3D archery where he has won 11 National Titles including the IBO National Triple Crown Champion as an individual and team, 2 IBO National shoots, 4 ASA National shoots as a Pro and he won the ASA Classic and Shooter of the Year in the Known 50 class. Michael has recently made the jump into the Senior Pro class where he has numerous podiums in 2017.

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