DVD Dave Holt Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert

Brand: Dave Holt

Dave Holt's latest DVD is a real gem on archery knowledge. He has encyclopaedic knowledge of bows & how they work & shows his expertise for bowhunting, desire to educate other bowhunters with 180 slides on all aspects of archery. A map to accurate bow shooting.

DVD Dave Holt Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert

DVD Dave Holt Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert Description

Beginner to Expert Bow Shooting DVD by the highly experienced bowhunter Dave Holt.

He shares his enthusiasm & expertise for bowhunting & tremendous desire to assist & educate bowhunters of all levels to improve their shooting skills quickly. One of the best resources to help you in all aspects of archery.

Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert by Dave Holt - a map to accurate bow shooting. It is a user-friendly DVD featuring 180 informative slides and photos with nearly two hours of voice-over audio presentation with accompanying explanatory images and bow shooting information. This extraordinary first of its kind DVD sells for just $34.95. This is a photo voice-over presentation and not a video.

A testimonial from respected bowhunter, Dr Randy Ulmer on Dave Holt's DVD. "Dave Holt is one of a kind. Not only is he one of the most experienced bowhunters around today, he has encyclopaedic knowledge of bows and how they work. Combine that with his competitive shooting and coaching experience and his matter of fact, common sense approach to archery and you end up with the perfect person to teach you how to become a more effective bowhunter. Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert is packed with solid, up to date bow shooting information and much more. I learn something new and profound every time I read or listen to Dave - and I'm certain you will too. Add this presentation to your collection - you won't be disappointed."

Richly illustrated with 180 voice-over photos and art work, Dave Holt's Bow Shooting-Beginner to Expert DVD covers the latest bow and bow shooting information in easy to understand terms.

With photos and captions, the presentation takes you on an informative step-by-step trip to better bow shooting. In addition, the voice over allows Dave to share his knowledge in great detail as each image displays on your screen.

This unique and fascinating presentation is targeted specifically for the modern archer and bowhunter.

Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert covers:

  • How a bow works
  • Proper shooting form
  • The importance of exact draw length measurements
  • Anchor points, peep sights and release aids
  • The grip and follow through
  • The mental game
  • Release aids and their proper use
  • Accurate shooting details
  • Bow tuning
  • Broadhead accuracy
  • And much more

You can trust this presentation to help you shoot better. It's built on 50 years of experience. Those years as coach, bowhunter, guide and equipment analyst have put Dave Holt in a position to know what he's talking about.

Dave's latest work is getting rave reviews from beginners and experts alike and is endorsed by many respected bowhunters and target shooters, including Randy Ulmer and Matt McPherson, founder of bow manufacturer, Mathews Inc. Bow Shooting Beginner to Expert will help bowhunters and archers improve their shooting skills quickly.

It is the best bow shooting resource you'll find anywhere.

A bit about the presenter. Dave Holt is a highly experienced bowhunter and shares his enthusiasm and expertise for bowhunting in South Africa. These adventures in the South African continent give him plenty of opportunities to test new hunting methods and check his laboratory research under hunting conditions. He has a tremendous desire to assist and educate other bowhunters of all skill levels, believing that education is the key to the preservation of bowhunting. Dave Holt's solid understanding of bowhunting equipment is a huge advantage in the field.

Approximate 120 minutes run time. G.

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