Delta McKenzie Speed Bag 20inx20inx10in

Brand: Delta McKenzie

Delta McKenzie Speedbag 20/20 for high-speed, high-performance bows, hydro-press internal composition for added durability & arrow stopping power, well positioned bull's eyes and tough outer bag, high contrast graphics, last a long time, easy two-finger arrow removal

Delta McKenzie Speed Bag 20inx20inx10in

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Delta McKenzie Speed Bag 20inx20inx10in Description

Delta McKenzie Speedbag 20in x 20in x 10in is one of Delta's Speed Bag series targets, specifically engineered for today's high-speed, high-performance bows.

Speed Bags and Range Bags use exclusive hydro-press internal composition for added durability and arrow stopping power.

High contrast graphics for quick target acquisition.

These brightly-coloured targets are designed to stop all arrows and bolts from even the fastest bows and crossbows and last a long time.

Plus they provide easy, two-finger arrow removal.

With all new designs, Delta's bag target line is more impressive than ever. These super durable targets feature brightly coloured bull's eyes and tough outer bags that will easily stop arrows from the heaviest bows.

Designed for the serious archer and tournament situations with its ability to withstand thousands of shots from all types of arrows - Delta Bag Targets are not recommended for use with broadheads or for faster bows.

Featuring a brightly coloured face with bull's eyes on a heavy outer casing, this bag is filled with a durable synthetic fibre. It is portable, yet stable.

  • Brightly coloured bull's eyes help any hunter with vision and accuracy
  • High contrast graphics for quick target acquisition
  • Multiple shooting sides
  • Easy arrow removal
  • 1 large bull's eye, 3 medium bull's eyes
  • Built for field points only
  • Tough 6.5oz outer bag
  • Durable hydro-press synthetic filler
  • Dimensions 50.8cm high x 50.8cm wide x 25.4cm deep or 20in x 20in x 10in
  • Weighs approximately 12kgs or 26.5lbs

To keep up with today's fastest bows, get a Speed Bag target.

This is what people have said about the Speed Bag Target.

"An excellent product. I've used several types of targets and have found the Delta Speed Bag to be one of the best for the price. It has very good stopping power, ease of arrow removal and appears that it will last for thousands of shots." 5 out of 5 stars. From Frank2098 of Lebanon, New Jersey, USA

"Great bag target. I have shot this thing for over a year and a half (And that's everyday shooting!) at 305 fps. Sure, it's like all the other bags, you have to take care of it. Take it down once in a while and shoot the other side, etc. But you won''t be shootin' through it, no sir! Well done Delta!" 5 out of 5 stars. From 1Joaquin of California, USA

"Solid arrow stopper. Shooting carbon and aluminium shafts into this bag from 10 yards, this stops them within 8 inches of penetration, nowhere near poking out the other side. Easy one hand removal, bag cover holding up well after about 1000 hits. Multiple aiming sites to choose from is a plus." 5 out of 5 stars. From 53050 of Mayville, Wisconsin, USA

"Wonderfully convenient. I think of this target as a quality everyday workhorse of archery targets. It is wonderfully portable, freestanding, can be shot on all four sides and features a convenient carrying handle. It is clean and tidy. I can store it in the garage, the backyard or even in my car or truck, pulling it out and setting it up wherever and whenever I want to use it. The two biggest advantages of this target beyond wonderful portability and simple setup, are easy arrow removal and durability. The only draw back, however, is that you can't shoot broadheads into it." 5 out of 5 stars. From DeerHunter44

"Very Good Archery Target. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received this product. The purchase was easy and inexpensive and the delivery was in half the time promised. The target itself is of good quality and has a self-healing quality so it will be long-lasting. The stopping power is excellent as it handles both my son's and my compound bows with field tipped arrows. I am very happy with this purchase and the price." 5 out of 5 stars. From ElJosefo of Bonita, California, USA

"Don't let the cheap price fool you! This target has excellent stopping power and very easy arrow removal for field points even with carbon arrows flying in excess of 325 fps. It is every bit as good as it's dearer competitors and is a great bargain at this price. I would buy it again in a heartbeat!" 5 out of 5 stars. From BuckBusterJK of Stillwater, New York, USA

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