Delta McKenzie 3D Rabbit

Brand: Delta McKenzie

For an ultra realistic, life-like with superb features & details, easy to see lines, tournament proven, complete body painting to protect finish from ultra violet sunlight, get a quality Delta McKenzie full size animal target for years of use

Delta McKenzie 3D Rabbit

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Delta McKenzie 3D Rabbit Description

Delta McKenzie Backyard 3D Rabbit, formerly known as Rabbit 19" x 16.5" x 8.5" or 48cm x 42cm x 21cm.

Make your shot count with this great rabbit 3D target.

Practising with this target is a great way to fine-tune your shooting.

T Series, life like, nicely detailed impeccable markings with IBO scoring and easy to see lines for scoring.

Super Centre arrow stopping system, Tech Flex E-Z pull foam for longer target life.

At the foundation of the Delta Target product line is the legendary line of 3D rabbit targets. Known for their realism, durability and affordability, these rabbit stand up to practice session after practice session.

Rabbit at a glance

  • Conservation Status - Least Concern
  • Zoological or species name - Oryctolagus cuniculus
  • Also known as - European Rabbit
  • Native to - most parts of the world.
  • An adult rabbit can grow up to 40 cm in length and weigh between 1.2 kgs to 2 kgs. Both male and female rabbits are similar in size, however young rabbits are smaller.
  • Rabbits are not native to Australia and New Zealand but sadly were probably released into the wild by European settlers in the early 1800's.
  • Population est - pick any number

Myxomatosis is a disease which affects rabbits. It is caused by the Myxoma virus, first observed in Uruguay in the late 1800's, later introduced illegally to Egypt in 1842 and as a result spread to the rest of Africa. It was deliberately introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control rabbit infestation and population and deliberately introduced in the UK to try and reduce the rabbit population after World War II.

In the six months following its release in Australia, the virus was believed to have killed more than 90% of feral rabbits as it swept through the temperate zone. Mosquitoes or fleas transmit the myxoma virus, but because mosquitoes and native fleas do not readily inhabit dry areas, the arid zone became a haven for feral rabbits. A lack of mosquitoes in semi-arid regions still inhibits the spread of myxomatosis, but in the temperate regions the virus still affects up to 60% of feral rabbits, despite some rabbits having developed limited resistance to the virus. An arid adapted rabbit flea has now been introduced into Australia to assist with the spread of myxomatosis.

In 1995, rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD, also known as rabbit calicivirus disease) established itself in Australia and reduced rabbit numbers, especially in arid areas. Nevertheless, in recent years rabbits have become abundant once again in some areas and rabbits are also developing genetic resistance to this disease. The Australian Government is funding further research into improving the viral strains of RHD to counter the resistance developing in rabbits. Stringent tests and controls must be undertaken to ensure that all future biological control agents are effective and will not make the problem worse.

An example of biological control gone wrong was the introduction of the cane toad in 1935 to control two insect pests of sugar cane. This biological control effort was a failure as it did not control the insects and the Cane Toad itself became an invasive species. The insects pests were later controlled using insecticides and other more suitable management practices.

Any biological control should be used in conjunction with conventional control techniques to manage the damage caused by feral animals.

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