Delta McKenzie Archer's Choice Real-World Buck

Brand: Delta McKenzie

For more challenging shots, try a Delta McKenzie game target, life like, nicely detailed impeccable markings, twist lock assembly, easy to see lines, IBO approved, superb arrow stopping and easy arrow removal

Delta McKenzie Archer's Choice Real-World Buck

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Delta McKenzie Archer's Choice Real-World Buck Description

Delta McKenzie Backyard 3D Archer's Choice Real-World Buck 40" (feet to top of the ears) x 43" x 10" or 101cm x 109cm x 25cm.

Take your practice to a new level of perfection with the Archer's Choice Real-World Buck from Delta McKenzie. Along with having lots of fun, the exposed whitetail true-to-life colour vitals and bone structure on one side of this economical 3D target will teach you proper shot placement and you can see the result of your shot and understand the potential success of every single practice shot.

When hit, the Real-World Buck target with its patented 180 degree swivelling stand which rotates from the force of the arrow, creating a new shooting angle every time it comes to rest. After each arrow hits the target, it spins the target from the force to give you a new perspective so you can adjust your aim like you would while hunting. The increased practice scenarios allow you the kind of perfect practice that increases your opportunities in the field. The Real World Buck has exposed vitals so you can see exactly where your arrow has pierced the target. The Archer's Choice Real World Buck will also help new bowhunters who are just learning about proper shot placement.

The Archer's Choice Real-World Buck was developed with the assistance of US bowhunters, Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo and features an economical replacement vital, extending the life of this innovative practice target. This target sits on a rotating platform and also helps bowhunters better understand the deer's anatomy.

T Series, life like, nicely detailed impeccable markings, also easy to see lines for scoring and removable antlers.

Super Centre arrow stopping system, Tech Flex E-Z pull foam for longer target life.

At the foundation of the Delta McKenzie Target product line is the legendary line of 3D Deer Targets. Known for their realism, durability and affordability, these bucks stand up to practice session after practice session.

There is no doubt that practice results in more success in the field; this we all know. However if you only practice at 20 yards, with your 3D target positioned broadside, your "in the zone" area will limit your opportunity for success.

That's why Delta McKenzie offers a new way to practice that will make you more successful in the field. It all starts here, with what Ralph & Vicki call the five P's of successful bowhunting practice: Perfect Practice Promotes Proper Placement.

Using the new Archer's Choice Real-World Buck, you can ensure persistent, perfect, proper practice that broadens your "in the zone" area and increases your opportunities for success. This method of practice teaches you proper shot placement for high percentage opportunities.

Most bowhunters practice at a single distance, hour after hour, day after day with the deer target positioned broadside. This kind of practice makes you tunnel visioned by creating a limited "in the zone area" in which you have programmed yourself to shoot.

Up until now, there has never been a 3D target designed to get you mentally prepared for what happens in the real world of bowhunting, but now there is.

Delta has designed the best hunting target ever produced, to prepare you for the real world situations that all bowhunters face. With the Archer's Choice Real-World Buck, you can practice from one position while everything about the target changes in a second. You'll be shooting in more realistic hunting conditions, where the game is not standing still broadside. Because in the real world, game doesn't stand still. And many times your animal will not be broadside, but rather quartering away.

Practising with the Archer's Choice Real-World Buck teaches you to quickly understand proper shot placement, increasing your "in the zone" area and your opportunities for success. This unique target can help bowhunters exercise their focus and accuracy, helping them gain the confidence to hit the mark when a real deer comes within range.

To really apply the five P's of successful bowhunting practice, use the Archer's Choice Real-World Buck for the best real world practice.

Whether you are a brand new shooter or a seasoned hunter, you can get serious about practice perfection with an educational target that lets you see proper shot placement. The Real World Buck is a "must have" for every bowhunter. The Delta McKenzie Backyard 3D Archer's Choice Real-World Buck includes a 360 degrees pivot target stand for real-life target positioning after each shot.

Deer at a glance

  • Conservation Status - Least Concern
  • Zoological or species name - Odocoileus virginianus
  • Also known as - Virginia deer
  • Native to - Continental United States
  • Head & body length - 70" or 178cm
  • Shoulder height - 32" to 34" or 78cm to 88cm
  • Speed - 30 mph or 48 kph
  • Population est - 30 million
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