Delta McKenzie ShotBlocker Bowhunter Target 18inx18inx14in

Brand: Delta McKenzie

McKenzie ShotBlocker is by far the best

Delta McKenzie ShotBlocker Bowhunter Target 18inx18inx14in

Delta McKenzie ShotBlocker Bowhunter Target 18inx18inx14in Description

McKenzie ShotBlocker, the blue target, has totally changed layered target technology. Its more durable than other layered-foam targets, for countless more shots on all four sides.

ShotBlocker with welded-core technology, is made with hundreds of foam layers, permanently seared together. Welded-core means that during manufacturing, heated rods are passed through hundreds of layers of foam material, permanently bonding them together so they will not shift or separate. When the rods are removed, you have a ShotBlocker - the most durable layered foam target available.

Shooters like the easy arrow removal with no bands, wires, straps, cables, platens, plates, shifting or falling apart and the reduced foam slivering when used with broadheads. What you get is a tougher target in which the layers or sheets can't shift, move or fall apart.

The blue colour for enhanced distance visibility, even in low light. Universal scoring target face. McKenzie's new ShotBlocker targets are the ultimate in layered foam practice targets.

They can be shot on all four sides and best of all, the foam slivering that you get from most layered targets when shooting broadheads is greatly reduced. All this, plus easy arrow removal!

The ShotBlocker is available in three standard sizes - Utility, Bowhunter and Travel Pro, each featuring a different target face.

You owe it to yourself to try the McKenzie ShotBlocker, crafted with the latest in innovative layered foam technology. It not only lasts longer than most targets, it works equally well with field points or broadheads and will effectively stop any arrow.

  • Easy arrow removal.
  • No pass throughs.
  • No shifting, separating or falling apart like other brands.
  • No plates, cables or bands to damage arrows.
  • Use broadheads or field tips to maximise practice time.
  • Shoot all four sides for excellent target variety.
  • Revolutionary new ShotBlocker features welded core construction for unsurpassed durability that eliminates pass throughs.
  • Uniform foam compression reduces chunking and slivering while allowing easy arrow removal.
  • ShotBlocker is 29 per cent more durable than the leading layered foam target.
  • That's thousands more shots!
  • Made in the USA.

Believe it. It's true. True Blue. McKenzie ShotBlocker, the Blue target.

McKenzie ShotBlocker Bowhunter 18"x18"x14" or 45cm x 45cm x 35cm. 9-spot target face.

Model Status: Superseded

The Delta McKenzie ShotBlocker Bowhunter Target 18inx18inx14in has been replaced by the
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