Carbon Express Maxima Red arrow dozen

Brand: Carbon Express

Carbon Express Maxima Red is the best hunting arrow, reduces arrow flex in the front of the shaft, delivers superior accuracy and tighter arrow groups, Best Tuning Arrow Ever

Carbon Express Maxima Red arrow dozen

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Carbon Express Maxima Red arrow dozen Description

The Carbon Express Maxima Red incorporates premium quality Red Zone technology and we cut your arrow to length for free.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Maxima Red is a breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine and Dynamic Spine is managing how an arrow flexes in flight which is the key to arrow accuracy.

The advanced Maxima Red hi-tech carbon construction design has stiffer sections of the arrow at the front and rear, concentrating the majority of flex to the central part of the shaft, thus controlling the dynamic spine of the arrow shaft.

This innovative Red Zone feature was implemented to enhance broadhead flight and shoot more consistently and optimise accuracy in the field.

Through having a stiffer forward section of the shaft, oscillation caused by either fixed blade or mechanical heads is minimised, leading to more consistent results at the range and on the hunt.

These outstanding shafts are not only weight matched to +/- 1 grain, but are also spine sorted to a precision tolerance of 0.0025" across the dozen.

The Maxima Red comes with factory installed Launch Pad nocks and Bull Dog nock collars, purpose built to increase durability from rear arrow impacts, adding to the longevity of the shaft.

With the inclusion of dynamic spine managing Red Zone technology, the Maxima Red can cover a broad spectrum of poundage with the two sizes available.

  • Reduces arrow flex in the front of the shaft
  • Superior arrow accuracy
  • Broadheads shoot tighter groups
  • Provides overall improved hunting performance
  • Best Tuning Arrow Ever managing dynamic spine so well it only takes two spine sizes to cover 40-92 pound bows
  • All 12 pack sets are sorted and matched by weight and spine for best-in-class consistency
  • Fletched with 2" Bohning Blazer vanes
  • Pre-installed 9.9 grain Launch Pad nocks deliver a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment and more consistent accuracy shot after shot
  • 4 grain BullDog Nock Collar comes standard to protect the shaft against nock end impacts
  • 11 grain inserts included but not installed
  • Shafts can be cut to your specified length at no additional charge. Please specify the length of your shaft. If you are unsure, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering and we will contact you to assist you in selecting the correct length required
  • Real Straightness laser checked +/- .0025", this is a maximum measurement, not an average. Every shaft is laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch
  • Weight tolerance +/- 1 grain with each dozen matched for consistency
  • Red Zone technology managing dynamic arrow spine
  • Diameter .244"
  • Brass inserts are available and sold separately
  • Available in 350 spine only.
  • Arrows can be cut to your precise shaft length at no additional charge. Please specify the length of your arrow. If you leave this field blank, your arrows will be shipped uncut at full length. If you are unsure, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering and we will contact you to assist you in selecting the correct length required

Maxima Red the best hunting arrow ever

This is what people have said about the Maxima Red.

5 out of 5 stars. "I have shot Carbon Express arrows for years, but decided for some reason to try other makes that had good ratings. Well, after trying about six different arrows I came to the conclusion that nothing shoots as accurate, short and long range, as this arrow. It performs well with my Halon up to 70lbs. I am shooting it right now at 66 lbs., 28 inch arrow, with 125 grain field point. The best arrow I have in my quiver, hands down." From Dale E from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "These arrows are no joke. They will immediately help your shooting. Just a little pricey but ultimately worth it." From Ky hunter from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I normally used Easton bloodlines on my RPM360 and they performed great with field points, but when it came to broad heads I found I had to make a lot of adjustments. So I thought I would try these Maxima Reds, I fletched them with 4" right helical vanes, 100 grain tips. My bloodlines were 408 grains the Reds a little heavier at 428. My bow went from 333fps to 326fps with the Reds. Shot 6 with field points, then shot 6 with broadheads, Wow!!!! No adjustments needed. Great arrows!, deffinetly sold on these. Highly recommended." From Willthesoundman from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I used these arrows last year and will probly use them this year too. They are great flying arrows that handle broad heads really well. I killed 3 deer with them last year and never broke an arrow. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and these are some of the best you can buy. The knock collars alone are worth the extra money you pay for the arrows because I have nicked the arrows so many times and they still fly straight and have knocks. The graphics are cool looking but after a couple hundred shots the grey ring in the front will wear off. Overall these are great arrows." From Eman111 from Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I have used these arrows this year and shot 4 deer. 3 of which were a pass through and still have them the 4th snapped when the deer ran and it snapped off on trees." From Oldmanriver13 from Ohio, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I have been shooting / hunting archery for over 30 years. I have always shot 4" helical feathers and fixed blade broadheads. I purchased a dozen of these Maxima Red 250 arrows and had them fletched with Blazer vanes. I put the Muzzy 100 grain MX-3 broadheads on them. Let me say that impressed is an understatement! These arrows/broadheads flew better then any I have ever used in my life, and the penetration was much improved over my other Maxima arrows. The first two field points I shot was at 30yards. And they smacked together!! I am very pleased, thank you Carbon Express for making a great product even more unmatchable !" From Reddog5775 from USA

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