Cartel Gold Recurve Bow Package

Brand: Cartel

Gold starter recurve set has the basic items you need in archery

Cartel Gold Recurve Bow Package

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Cartel Gold Recurve Bow Package Description

An ideal starter recurve set for the beginner, just starting out in archery on a strict budget. The Gold Edition has the same inclusions as the Silver Edition plus a Cartel RX 103 Bow Stand to sit your bow on to protect the bow from damage.

If you purchased all of these items separately, you would pay a lot more.

Cartel bow and quality archery accessories - an archery set at a budget price and with a dozen Beman Flash carbon arrows or Easton Jazz aluminium arrows, which can be purchased separately, you have all you need to get started.

The 13 piece Gold Edition Bow Set includes

  • Cartel recurve wooden riser or handle is available in right hand and left hand. Please choose right hand or left hand - if you do not know or unsure if you are right or left eye dominant, please contact us
  • Cartel white fibreglass limbs come in 3 lengths - 70" in draw weight ranges of 24 lbs, 30 lbs and 34 lbs, 68" in draw weight ranges of 20 lbs, 24 lbs, 30 lbs and 34 lbs and 66" in draw weight ranges of 20 lbs, 24 lbs and 30 lbs
  • Please choose the bow length that suits your height and the draw weight that suits your physique. Alternatively you can ask us to contact you to help you in your choice - please just state "Contact me" in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering
  • Arrow Rest (to support your arrow when you place it on your bowstring)
  • Sight (to take aim at your target)
  • Bow Stand (to sit your bow on to protect the bow from damage)
  • Armguard (to protect the inside of your forearm from string slap)
  • Finger Tab (to protect your shooting fingers and to ensure a smooth release of the bowstring)
  • Dynamic 504 45cm or 17.7" long Side Quiver for beginners, can hold up to 12 arrows, has a belt clip and a small pocket for tools or stowing your score card
  • Dacron bow string (strung between the bow tips, to propel your arrow forward)
  • Bowstringer (to ensure safe stringing and de-stringing of the bowstring and to prevent limb twist) and easy to follow instructions on how to string the bow
  • Take-down Recurve Bow Bag, with clear front, webbing handles, full zipper closure
  • 3 Arrows (to get you up and running. Most new archers wisely purchase an extra dozen or half dozen arrows)

Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target. In no time at all, you will be hitting the bull's eye! Complete Recurve Bow Set - Gold Edition.

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