Nock Out Contender Lighted Nock 3 pack


Nock Out Lighted Nock, the frustration free lighted nock fits the 5 most common carbon arrow shafts on the market. Shot Activated, Practice Mode, Easy Off. Made in USA

Nock Out Contender Lighted Nock 3 pack

Nock Out Contender Lighted Nock 3 pack Description

Clean Shot Archery designed Nock Out Contender Lighted Nocks, formerly known as Clean Shot Nock Out lighted nocks, eliminates the frustration associated with other lighted nock brands.

They use high quality components that are combined with superior innovation making Nock Out Contender Lighted Nocks user friendly, extremely bright and dependable in all weather conditions.

The philosophies of Clean Shot of continuous improvement and exceptional customer service drives them to make the best possible lighted nocks on the market and ensures your satisfaction.

As a bowhunter, understanding shot placement is a given. But when you take that shot of a lifetime, give yourself the edge by using Nock Out Contender lighted nocks. These lighted arrow nocks offer the bowhunter additional knowledge to understand where the arrow impacts, finding the arrow and how to follow up after the shot, which can make a difference on recovering your trophy.

The Nock-Out Contender Lighted Nock turns off with a simple pull of the nock, until you hear or feel a click.

Once it is installed, the Nock-Out Contender Lighted Nock remains in the same position as originally installed.

Includes three nock adapter sleeves to allow you to fit the lighted nock into all of the most common arrow sizes on the market.

Easy off, just simply pull the nock straight back until you hear or feel a soft click and the LED turns off - no tools, no magnets and it remains indexed to your vanes. Spend more time shooting than trying to figure out how to turn off your nock.

Universal fit. With each 3 pack there are 3 sets of precision orange bushings included to fit the 5 most common carbon arrow shafts on the market, that is a total of 9 bushings per 3 pack.

If you use a variety of arrow shaft sizes or have a family of archers, you won't need to purchase multiple lighted nocks as Nock-Out Contender has you covered and they are a perfect solution for gift giving.

Waterproof and blood proof. In addition to the other features, Clean Shot Nock Out Contender lighted nocks are waterproof and blood proof. There is a Nock Out bowfishing adapter, the perfect application of lighted nocks for bowfishing which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

Clean-Shot Archery started in 2009 after a failed hunting trip where founder/inventor/avid bowhunter, Larry Bay had difficulty seeing through a wet peep sight. He recognised that there needed to be more products on the market to enhance the accuracy of bowhunters. He wanted to reduce the number of wounded or killed, but never recovered, game animals. Not long after this trip, Larry decided to use his background in engineering, electronics and manufacturing, together with his love of archery to design and manufacture archery products that utilise the best modern technology. The company's philosophy is simple, make archery products that are useful and simple and work as advertised.

  • The frustration free lighted nock
  • Shot Activated - LED lighted nock is turned on as the arrow is released from the bowstring
  • Indexed - remains indexed to the vanes of the arrow shaft for consistent performance
  • Easy to turn off - simply pull the nock straight back to deactivate the LED lighted nock, no tools or magnets are required
  • Lower profile design with proprietary high impact polycarbonate material
  • Increased reliability in brightness, value and durability
  • Reliable activation for illumination every time
  • Universal fit for X (.204" ID or 5.18mm), H (.233" ID or 5.92mm), Carbon Express (.244" ID or 6.20mm), S (.246" ID or 6.25mm) and Gold Tip (.246" ID or 6.25mm) nocks so you don't need to worry about which package to buy. Designed to fit the 5 most common carbon arrow shafts on the market. Package contains three sets of precision black bushings, a total of 9 bushings per 3 pack
  • Easy to use
  • Follow your arrow to the target
  • Highly visible
  • Weighs just 21-24 grains depending on the bushing size you use
  • Battery lasts 24 hours with continuous use. Battery is not replaceable
  • Full illustrated instructions included
  • Available in Bright Green and Bright Red colours. Please specify colour choice
  • 3 lighted nocks per pack
  • High quality nocks
  • Made in USA

This is what people have said about the Nock-Out Contender Lighted Nock.

5 out of 5 stars. "High Quality. Sturdy, bright. After trying most other brands, I'm sticking with Knock Out Lighted Nocks" From Dave from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Thank you. I was about to give up on Lighted Nocks until I seen someone shooting these at the range. I probably already have 200 shots on mine. Hands down best Lighted Nock." From Brutus76 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best lighted nock and service. Best lighted nock I have used and I have tried them all. I had one that didn't work and called clean-shot directly. The lady sent me a new one! Awesome product and great service. I will shoot these forever. They stand behind their product." From Elkhunter from USA

Model Status: Superseded

The Nock Out Contender Lighted Nock 3 pack has been replaced by the
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