CBE Tek-Hybrid dovetail mount sight black

Brand: CBE

Looking for an adjustable, lightweight, compact, tough, accurate sight with rapid-drive elevation, elevation lock & ultra-fine steel pins, look no further than CBE's Tek-Hybrid sight. It oozes quality, reliability & all the features you need for hunting, 3D & target

CBE Tek-Hybrid dovetail mount sight black

CBE Tek-Hybrid dovetail mount sight black Description

The best way to determine the best competition bow sight is to look what's on the bows of the best shooters out there. The best measure of the best shooters is their tournament wins. This past competitive season, more winners won with CBE than all other bow sight brands combined!

The entire CBE line has been redesigned to achieve the absolute maximum performance possible from each and every sight in the line while also focusing on the user experience. CBE's goal is to make both their tournament-proven competition sights and competition-inspired hunting sights the best they can be. The improved Tek-Hybrid is a combination of CBE's target and hunting sight technologies, an extremely versatile lightweight compact, adjustable 5 ultra-fine steel fibre optic pin sight loaded with features like a 5-pin housing which can be used as an adjustable single pin, fixed pin, or variable setting hybrid.

How important is precision? Whether you're up against a competitor on the archery range or setting your sights on trophy game, every element of your archery sight is critical to your success and you can count on CBE to deliver precision accuracy. CBE continue to lead the archery sight industry with their legendary innovation, quality and durability and like to think they are producing more than archery sights and their precision products set the world standard for accuracy and performance.

The Tek-Hybrid offers exceptional precision combined with toughness and durability and delivers the dependability of a fixed-pin setting and the long-range accuracy of a moveable pin.

If all that wasn't enough, CBE sights now come standard with the amazing ultra bright fibre optic Rhino Pins that have superior light gathering abilities even in low light conditions. Fully-machined super tough tubing-style fully enclosed pins are insanely tough, amazingly consistent and perfectly straight. The fibres are fully enclosed, protected and reinforced where the fibre exits the pin. Each pin gives you the identical sight picture and the pins have extremely tight-stacking fibres. CBE stands behind their knot test - their fibres are so tough you can tie them in a knot without breakage and they have listened to customers by making the fibre optic longer, so the pins are substantially brighter.

The Tek Hybrid has the exclusive CBE patented Rapid-Drive elevation system and with a re-designed, more ergonomic four-arm adjustment knob, which makes adjusting the elevation quick and easy and elevation lock, extended vertical-travel adjustment, a scope-levelling unit with dual locking screws, five-pin housing with ultra-fine steel pins at your fingertips and extended fibre optics for increased brightness with a red bubble sight level. Rapid Drive is the fastest high-precision elevation adjustment available with one turn providing 1.5" of travel and has laser engraved windage markings and indicator window.

The redesigned Tek-Hybrid also includes a rheostat light for adjustable pin brightness with no residual game-spooking light and no distortion. Mounted to the right of the sight housing, the impressive rheostat light shines directly on the fibres for ultra bright Rhino Pins.

With this amazing sight, hunters and target archers can now experience the precision accuracy all wrapped up in the one package, the CBE Tek-Hybrid sight. CBE are excited about the future and proud to continue a tradition of hunting and target sight excellence that enables shooters to deliver their finest performances.

Custom Bow Equipment, or CBE, manufacture high quality hunting and target sights and is part of Scott Archery, synonymous with quality release aids. CBE sights have gained a loyal following among bowhunters and target shooters alike because of their micro-adjustability.

When you purchase a CBE sight, you have selected a quality unit that will work, right off the bat. CBE stands for the highest level of innovation and commitment and makes their sights from aircraft grade machined aluminium to produce a reliable, durable and accurate compound bow sight that is value for money.

  • Rhino-pins are fully-machined tubing-style pins are insanely tough, amazingly consistent and perfectly straight. The fibres are fully enclosed, protected and reinforced where the fibre exits the pin. Each pin gives you the identical sight picture and the pins stack extremely tight
  • Armed Guard Fibre Management System enhanced for even brighter pins and better protection; now with 12 inches of optic fibre for each pin
  • 4-point Rapid Drive re-designed oversized ergonomic knob for a sure, easy grip
  • Smart Mount patented multi-position mounting holes give you a head start by allowing you to mount the sight in the optimal position to start with
  • Quad Track, a four-track stability adjustment system eliminates rocking and rattling
  • Micro adjust windage unit with laser engraved markings (right and left) and indicator window
  • 3rd axis levelling
  • Fully micro-adjustable super precise to-the-yard adjustment
  • Stay tight design, Delrin tracks assure sight stays tight, quiet and rattle free, even over time; adjustable tension
  • Solid 1.5 inch pin guard for more precise aiming
  • Tool-less adjustment (other than dovetail gang adjustment)
  • Stainless steel bolts - no more rusting
  • Rear-facing sight tape - no need to rotate bow
  • Fine-point, stainless steel indicator needle; same profile as sight body
  • Visual positioning windage unit with locking screw
  • Rheostat light, adjustable with 3 setting pin brightness; no residual game-spooking light, no distraction
  • Integrated red bubble sight level
  • Dovetail mount, designed for use with a sight mounted quiver bracket to give more flexibility in your mounting options
  • Also available as a direct mount sight model which is sold separately
  • Aircraft grade machined aluminium construction
  • Installation instructions, decal and multiple sight scale included
  • Available in a 5 ultra-fine steel fibre optic pin model only
  • Available in .019 & .029 fibre optic pins. Please specify size
  • Available in right hand only
  • Comes in an anodised black finish
  • Weighs only 350 grams or 12.3 ounces
  • Made in the USA
  • Tough-As-Nails Guarantee - If your CBE bow sight needs repair for any reason, CBE will repair or replace it, no questions asked.
  • Most adjustable sight on the market
  • Precision competition sight made for hunting
  • The ultimate adjustable hunting sight from the company that makes the sights that win more competitions than any other.

If you are serious about accuracy, give the CBE Tek-Hybrid dovetail mount sight a second look, a brilliant combination of target and hunting sight technologies.

This is what people have said about the CBE Tek-Hybrid dovetail mount sight.

"I love the sight. Nice pins and setup. Very smooth adjusting yardage and VERY solid built." 5 out of 5 star rating. From A J Rodriguez of Duncanville, Texas, USA

Model Status: Superseded

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