Carter Plain 1 4 Finger Release

Brand: Carter

Carter release aids are the best target and hunting releases on the market, for field, 3DAAA, FITA and target archers and come in a huge range of styles to suit all shooters and bowhunters. Accuracy defined through design. Raise the bar on the shooting line with a Carter.

Carter Plain 1 4 Finger Release

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Carter Plain 1 4 Finger Release Description

Some things are just better when Plain and Simple. These two thumb triggers are sure to revolutionise the release market.

The Plain 1 and Simple 1 are engineered to be self loading and self closing with one simple push of a button. There is no more flip, cock and close. One push and you are ready to go, plain and simple.

That's right, cocks and closes the jaw in one smooth easy motion, allowing a very fast easy loading.

Externally, both the Plain 1 and Simple 1 feature a shorter head design to give you added draw length to boost precious speed and also increase accuracy by bringing the loop closer to the fingers.

The new head also has a fitted loop slot that consistently positions the loop in a repeatable position every shot, making it deadly accurate.

The Simple 1 comes in an open 3 finger contouring handle while the Plain 1 is a swept back four finger handle with an index hole.

Both handle designs are based on Carter's most accurate handle shapes of all time.

Internally, the Plain 1 and Simple 1 are the most fool proof and reliable designs to date, both utilising a simplified proven sear design that gives you travel free crisp trigger every shot.

Both releases are fully adjustable in trigger travel and stiffness by utilising Carter's proven Interchangeable Tension System - ITS, for easy trigger tension changes.

The Plain and Simple are equipped with a new Dead Jaw trigger silencer to eliminate the snap upon firing, which is perfectly suited for any repetitive target archer or stealthy hunter. Shoot one today and experience a very quiet shot without the click that is typically associated with the high end triggers.

Every Carter release has a CNC machined housing made from 6061 T6 aluminium.

It is vibratory deburred and anodised for a very attractive, yet durable finish.

The internal pieces of the release are CNC machined from 1018 cold roll steel. They are case hardened to 50 Rockwell C, electro nickel plated, then hardened a final time to reduce wear.

Each release is hand assembled and tested before it leaves the Carter factory.

Carter releases are used and endorsed by top tournament archers like Bobby Eyler, Niels Baldur, Patrizio Hofer, Kevin Evans and Seppie Cilliers.

Plain doesn't always mean boring. Carter introduced the Plain 1, new four finger thumb trigger release.

The Plain one cocks and closes the jaw in one smooth easy motion, allowing a very fast and easy loading on a D-Loop. The proven sear design gives you an exceptional trigger for unsurpassed accuracy.

The Plain 1 features a shorter head for added draw length and a very quiet shot.

Shoot one today and see how such a Plain 1 can be so exceptional. When looking for a no frills plain and simple release, there is no reason to skimp on quality. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that are the least complicated.

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