AAE Cavalier Champion II magnetic rest

Brand: AAE

For elite finger shooters, simple and totally adjustable, eliminates the need for screws or bolts

AAE Cavalier Champion II magnetic rest

AAE Cavalier Champion II magnetic rest Description

The Champion II magnetic arrow rest is designed for elite finger shooters.

This rest fits on the inside of the sight window, eliminating the need for screws or bolts. The opposing magnets give a very light tension on the arrow support arm, similar to the popular Cavalier Free Flyte and Free Flyte Elite rests.

This simple and totally adjustable rest is easy to set up and tune, yet provides the same time tested accuracy as Cavalier's other finger shooter rests.

To install, remove all old rest tape and clean sight window of your bow in the area that you will be mounting the Champion II. Use alcohol or Acetone to clean and do not touch the area just cleaned with your hands as the natural oils in your skin will impair the ability of the double sided tape to adhere properly.

Before you remove the backing on the double sided tape, make a couple of practice runs to be sure that you will be able to mount the rest correctly. It is important that the rest is mounted in a parallel position. You may want to place a bowsquare on your bow and draw a line on the window as a reference for mounting the rest.

To be in the most secure position, the inside back of the rest should rest against the belly, or inside of the riser window. It is also best that you centre the rest on the plunger hole for proper clearance.

Once you are certain that you have the desired position, remove the backing on the tape. Keeping the inside back of the rest against the back of the riser window, place the rest against the inside of the window and press firmly down.

To tune the arrow rest to your bow, adjust the support arm up or down by loosening the set screw on the back of the rest. At this time, you can also make an approximate adjustment on how far you want the arm to be away from the bow. Ideally, you do not want the arrow support arm to stick out further than the width of your arrow shaft. There is also a small set screw with a nylon tip that is an adjustment stop for minor movements of the support arm. You may have to make a couple of adjustments with each screw before you get the arm in the proper position. When you are fairly certain that the arm is in the correct position, tighten the set screw to keep the arm from moving.

Now you can continue tuning your bow with whatever method you use. You will find that the Champion II will give you some of the best arrow flight you have ever had.

Comes with full instructions on back of pack.

  • Easy to set up and tune
  • Simple and totally adjustable
  • Very light tension on the arrow support arm
  • Fits on the inside of the sight window
  • Stick on arrow rest stays firmly in place
  • Available in left hand only
  • Smooth action and improved performance
  • Available in black only
  • Anodised aluminium body

Quality without compromise - AAE/Cavalier USA, the world's foremost supplier of quality archery products.

Some reviews on the Champion II.

"The Cavalier Champion II is fully adjustable and rock-solid like all of AAE-Cavalier Richard Tone's designs. Although it is adjustable, there's very little to go wrong and it is extremely dependable. In my estimation they are tough and unlike other brands, the wire is pretty much nuclear-weapon proof on the Cavalier and you can bend it as needed. The magnet in the Cavalier is very powerful and ensures a correct wire return every time." GT

"Everything GT said about the Champion II rest is what I have found as well. I string walk and so am very hard on the rest. The Champion II has been bullet proof so far and yet easily adjustable when I switched from aluminiums to ACEs recently." Scooter1

Model Status: Superseded

The AAE Cavalier Champion II magnetic rest has been replaced by the
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