BowTech Fuel RAK Package

Brand: BowTech

An incredibly adjustable bow, perfect for archers of all ages, sizes & skill levels. BowTech Fuel has a rock solid riser for supreme durability, Binary Cam for maximum precision & arrow speed. The Fuel is anything but average!

BowTech Fuel RAK Package

BowTech Fuel RAK Package Description

At BowTech, they don't do ordinary and with the Fuel they don't do average!

BowTech Archery, the industry leader in archery innovation, is proving again that ordinary is not an option. Introducing the Fuel, an incredibly adjustable bow perfect for archers of all ages, sizes and skill levels.

BowTech has always said that they don't do ordinary and their new bow, the Fuel, is anything but average. They have created a bow that is easily adjustable and features their industry-leading Binary Cam System for the very best in performance. This Fuel will create a burning desire to get in the field this Autumn and bag a trophy.

The Fuel features a rock-solid riser for supreme durability with BowTech's Binary Cam System for maximum precision and arrow speed.

The Fuel bow has a draw length setting adjustable between 18 and 30 inches without changing limbs or using a bow press and a draw weight range between 15 and 70 lbs.

The Fuel weighs just 3.4 lbs and can fire arrows at speeds up to 320 fps.

The Fuel has a brace height of seven inches and an axle-to-axle length of 31.5 inches.

The bow is also available as an RAK, fully-equipped right out of the box with a Deadlock Lite quiver and 5-inch stabiliser from Octane along with a Hostage Max arrow rest and a TruGlo Tundra sight.

BowTech created the Binary Cam System which has become the most accurate and sought after cam system on the market today. By pure design, the Binary Cam System drives tacks and stays in tune. Unlike asymmetric single cam and hybrid cam systems, the Binary Cam System is comprised of two perfectly symmetrical cams that are slaved to each other, forcing the cams to turn in perfect synchronisation. This provides for flawless nock travel and tuning that you can set and forget, maximising accuracy and consistency.

BowTech knows you would expect nothing less than the best from BowTech and Diamond and the Binary Cam is an example of their undeniable leadership in the advancement of bow technology. BowTech is often flattered when others follow suit, but only BowTech continues to Refuse to Follow.

Rotating Modules. Time is of the essence. You will never have to wait for replacement cams or modules ever again. Unlike most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or module to set your draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate the module and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length adjustment and an infinite edge draw stop feature is available on most BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning for yourself or others. Quick draw length adjustments provide the ability to make the proper length adjustment to match your preferred shooting style.

Specs at a glance

  • IBO Speed 320fps
  • Weight range 14-70lbs
  • Draw length range 18"-30". All bows feature draw length adjustments in 0.5" increments with rotating modules
  • Brace Height 7"
  • Axle to Axle 31.5"
  • Mass weight 3.4lbs
  • Let-Off 80%
  • Kinetic Energy 79.6 ft-lbs
  • Binary Cam
  • Rotating Modules
  • Single Offset String Suppressor makes release even quieter and counters the greatest amount of vibration
  • Octane Factory Strings and Cables
  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Black. All finishes have black limbs. Please specify colour choice
  • Made in USA

The BowTech Fuel comes fully loaded in a complete ready-to-hunt or RAK bow package.

RAK Equipped System. Ready. Aim. Kill. At BowTech, attention to detail is a way of life, especially when it comes to outfitting BowTech's RAK equipped bows. BowTech does not just throw a bunch of random parts in a box and call it good, BowTech factory install and test the most accurate pre-set components in the industry so each RAK bow is Ready, Aim and Kill, right out of the box.

Now take a deep breath and prepare to be amazed at what components come standard with BowTech RAK equipped bows. The RAK Package comprises a Custom 4 Pin Sight Black, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver Black, Octane Hostage Max Arrow Rest Black, Octane 5 inch Ultra-Lite Stabiliser Black, Comfort Wrist Sling and Dura-FLX String dampening components.

The Fuel bow package includes your accessories expertly installed and set up. This is a value for money action package that sizzles and is ready to hunt. If you bought all of these accessories separately, the accessories would not be installed on the bow, ready to shoot.

You can also add a release aid, scope, rangefinder, game camera, hard or soft bow case, 3D Animal, Block or Bag target and arrows to suit, set up and ready to shoot.

We can also tailor a special bow package to suit your requirements for the Fuel or for any bow - please enquire and we can help you select the accessories that are right for you.

When you see BowTech technologies, you know you are buying a genuine product from the original developers, those who know it best. Why buy an imitation when you can have the original?

Bow Cams: Binary
Limbs: Carbon Core
Speed: 320 feet per sec.
Axle to Axle: 31.5 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches

Model Status: Superseded

The BowTech Fuel RAK Package has been replaced by the
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