Brownell Diamondback Serving .018"

Brand: Brownell

Brownell's long standing product excellence & innovation continues with B-50, Dyneema, & Fury bowstring material in many colours, serving in Diamondback, Bullwhip & Nylon, String Loop, LC Loop & Release Rope material as well as Liquid Lok & EZ Cam to keep servings in place

Brownell Diamondback Serving .018"

Brownell Diamondback Serving .018" Description

Brownell Diamondback braided serving material is a quality serving that is easy to work with and is used by archers around the world.

Designed for all bow strings whether Flemish twist or endless loop.

Since it has a higher polyester count than Spectra, it offers a superior grip on the string and is long wearing.

Diamondback serving is long lasting and the unique braided HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) and polyester construction gives superior grip and lays flat for extra tight serves and stays put and will not unravel and will not separate.

Works great when you are using a loop on your centre serving but is also suitable for end serving, around cams and wheels.

Diamondback is the number one best seller in serving.

Diamond Back is available in three diameters of .018", .022" and .026" so you can custom fit your bow string to your arrow nocks and in colours of black/white - illustrated or green/black blends.

  • Superior grip and long lasting
  • Lies flat, stays put and will not unravel or separate
  • Works great when you are using a loop on your centre serving
  • Designed for all bow strings whether Flemish twist or endless loop
  • Custom fit your bowstring to your arrow nocks
  • Spectra & polyester blend
  • Number one best seller in serving

Brownell Diamondback braided serving is available in .018" diameter, 120 yard jig spool, 35lbs break strength, black & white. It also comes in .022" diameter, 93 yard jig spool, 95lbs break strength, black & white and in .026" diameter, 65 yard jig spool, 125lbs break strength, black & white which are sold separately.

This is what people have said about Brownell Diamondback Serving.

5 out of 5 stars. "Great serving. Easy to tie and finish." From CurtMcD from Oakdale, California, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great serving!! One of the best on the market!!! Tied my peep in and has not moved at all!!! Quality product!!!" From Sheds188 from Ohio, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I have tried a number of serving materials and have never been quite happy. I recently bought a spool of Diamondback and reserved my center serving. The Diamondback served very well. It held constant tension in the jig and laid out evenly along the string. It tied off well and looked professional when complete. Very good product." From BUC182 from Southeast Missouri, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "A little pricey...but good quality material. I used it to secure string silencers and with a little wax it makes very nice tight knots." From Novice Bowhunter from Northern California, USA

4 out of 5 stars. "I've used this to tie in accessories, serve in peeps, and re-serve strings. All in all, works great. Good knot strength, and lays flat when serving." From bdhuntin from Lake Wales, Florida, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "I am a newcomer to archery so very glad to accept advice. This product was recommended to me and does not disappoint. With the right serving tool even I can do a respectable job! It seems very durable too."

Model Status: Superseded

The Brownell Diamondback Serving .018" has been replaced by the
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