Bearpaw Archery Glue 50gm

Brand: Bearpaw

Bearpaw & Cyberbond Europe created this universal glue, solvent-free, produces no noxious vapours, works with feathers, vanes, nocks, points and inserts. Easy to work with and penetrates wood, carbon & aluminium shafts

Bearpaw Archery Glue 50gm

Bearpaw Archery Glue 50gm Description

Most adhesives used for fletching contain solvents and are not suited for use in confined spaces without good ventilation.

Adhesives that are manufactured in Europe must include unambiguous warnings about their use and the need for ventilation.

Until now, different adhesives had to be used to fletch an arrow but Bearpaw created a universal glue in cooperation with German adhesive manufacturer, Cyberbond Europe to solve these problems with a single adhesive, Bearpaw Archery Glue, to handle almost all processes in archery.

The biggest advantage, however, is that the adhesive is non-hazardous to health.

Bearpaw Archery Glue contains no solvents and can be safely used even in confined areas.

There are no harmful and irritating vapours.

Archery Glue adheres in just a few seconds, it is that fast, so fletching of arrows will be so much faster.

Another advantage is that carbon arrows no longer change colour with the Cyanoacrylate based adhesive. With these characteristics, Archery Glue is an all round product for everybody to use.

You will achieve great results with this specialist Archery Super Glue.

This contact adhesive is solvent-free and therefore does not produce any noxious vapours.

Comes in 50 gram bottle but also available in 10 gm and 20 gm bottles which are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

Works with most plastic vanes and feathers.

Easy to work with and penetrates well.

You will achieve best results with the 2 component Bearpaw Archery Glue on wood, carbon and aluminium shafts.

Simply apply sparingly to base of natural feathers, plastic fletches or vanes, nocks, points or tips and inserts.

Made in Germany.

Bearpaw Archery Glue comes in a 50 gram bottle with an applicator tip.

Model Status: Superseded

The Bearpaw Archery Glue 50gm has been replaced by the
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