Bohning Blazer Tiger Arrow Wraps 4in Small Carbon

Brand: Bohning

For increased visibility and style, dress up your hunting or target arrows with Bohning arrow wraps. Be an individual, show your personality with an arrow wrap.

Bohning Blazer Tiger Arrow Wraps 4in Small Carbon

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Bohning Blazer Tiger Arrow Wraps 4in Small Carbon Description

Now in tiger stripe wraps, sure to put a bit more excitement into your shooting and to appeal to all archers.

Simple and easy "roll-on" application. It is suggested that you use a semi-soft flat surface, like a mouse pad to apply the wrap to the shaft. Works great with all adhesives.

Bohning tiger stripe Blazer wraps are the perfect match for the Blazer tiger stripe vanes.

Blazer Tiger Wraps come in a convenient 13 pack and to minimise overlap, are only 10.16cm long and 2.54cm wide or 4" x 1" and each Blazer Wrap weighs a mere 7.1 grains (+/- .5 grain) except 4 colours of Clear White 4.7 grains, Blue and White 4.4 grains, Purple 4.4 grains & White and Red 4.4 grains.

BlazerWraps help you visually locate or identify your arrows in flight, on the ground, on the shooting line or in the scrub.

With Bohning 4 inch Small Carbon Blazer Arrow Wraps or sometimes called Bohning BlazerWraps, you can easily fletch your vanes with any fletching adhesive.

Wraps are made from seven year outdoor durable 2 mm or .08" vinyl. Tiger BlazerWraps are illustrated below on the left hand side and lower down on the arrows fletched with Tiger Vanes. Blazer Tiger Vanes can be purchased separately.

To apply wraps. Clean all old adhesive from arrow shaft using alcohol or thinner. Prep shaft surface using Bohning SSR cleaner which can be purchased separately or an abrasive detergent. Shaft surface should appear dull, not shiny. Remove wrap. Place wrap on a flat surface, adhesive side up. Align shaft with edge of wrap and roll with steady motion and pressure.

To remove wraps, there are 3 options. Soak in hot tap water for approximately five minutes and peel wrap off. Alternatively, heat wrap with hair dryer until soft and peel wrap off. Alternatively, scrape wrap off using a removing tool like The Bohning "Stripper" glue, vane and arrow wrap remover. Always clean shaft after removing wrap.

  • Improves the fletching adhesion
  • Customise the look of your arrows
  • Won't affect the flight of your arrow
  • Adds minimal weight to the shaft
  • Because sometimes you want more colour
  • Dress up your hunting or target arrows for increased visibility and style

The Bohning 4" Blazer tiger stripe arrow wrap is 1" wide and is for small carbon 17-64 arrow shafts and is sold in packs of 13 wraps.

Available in 11 tiger stripe colours. Please specify colour choice.

  • Green and Black Tiger
  • Orange Tiger
  • Pink and Black Tiger
  • Clear White Tiger (Black with White stripes) are shown on a black background. The wrap is printed on clear vinyl and will show your arrow shaft through the wrap
  • White Tiger
  • Yellow Tiger
  • Blue and White Tiger
  • Green and White Tiger
  • Purple Tiger
  • White and Red Tiger
  • Yellow and Orange Tiger

Bohning Blazer or Tiger Arrow Wraps 1.125" wide, 8.8 grains, for carbon 19-64 arrow shafts are also available and sold separately.

Installation instructions and illustrations on back of pack. Made in USA

If you would like sent a review on Bohning SSR, ArroWraps, Blazer Helix Fletching Jig, Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum glue and Blazer vanes, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering.

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