Bohning Wind Check Air Current Finder 2gm or .07 oz

Brand: Bohning

Not sure which way the wind is going.

Bohning Wind Check Air Current Finder 2gm or .07 oz

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Bohning Wind Check Air Current Finder 2gm or .07 oz Description

Staying downwind is the most important part of your hunt. If your prey catches your scent, it's over. A fine, odourless and unscented powder that is effective to check the direction of the wind. Wind Check Powder will detect even the slightest air currents. Whether stalking or selecting the best spot for your stand placement, Wind Check Powder checks the wind every time.

Squeeze the bottle lightly which will release a small amount of powder into the air. Note the direction the powder is heading to ascertain wind direction.

It is recommended to test for wind direction any time the lay of the land changes, if you move from flat ground to low hills, if the pattern of brush changes or if the weather is fluctuating. The general idea is to keep the wind in your face, blowing your scent behind you and towards your tracks and know which direction the wind is blowing. Small enough to fit into pocket.

As well known archer, Connie Calloway says, "Windcheck is a product everyone should carry in the field. It is absolutely necessary to keep track of the wind direction at all times. I find Windcheck powder to be very effective. It's also important to check the wind often after getting into your position. It can change quickly and spoil a good hunt if you aren't paying attention."

Bohning's Wind Check Powder

  • Odourless and unscented
  • Detects even the slightest air currents or small breezes, normally difficult to discern
  • Lightweight, inexpensive and easy to carry
  • Fine powder moves freely and remains suspended in the air
  • Powder does not transfer to skin and there is no need to expose skin in harsh environments
  • Silent and will not make any unwanted sounds upon release
  • Dependable method to detect wind direction
  • Environmentally safe
  • Enough for 250 applications
  • Handy, convenient 2 gm or .07 oz bottle
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