Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig

Brand: Bohning

Fletch your arrow with confidence with the Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig Helix. Quality at an affordable price.

Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig

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Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig Description

Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig with easy clip on clamp for easier operation, was designed for Blazer vanes.

Get a perfect fletch every time and accurate snap indexing.

Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig Helix - the only fletching jig with a helical, designed specifically for 2" vanes. It has a pre-set 3 degree helical built into the clamp. Get a real helical, not just an offset. 3 degrees of pure accuracy! An actual helix designed for 19-64" diameter shafts. Designed for standard carbon shaft diameters, the Blazer helix jig will give you the perfect helical for the Blazer or any 2" vane.

Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig with easy clip on clamp for easier operation, was designed for Blazer vanes. Get a perfect fletch every time and accurate snap indexing. The Blazer Jig has an accurate, precision made clamp.

Increased accuracy and arrow flight that will flat out amaze you! What's more you don't have to spend a fortune to get perfectly fletched arrows.

Easy set up and simple operation. Instructions included.

Index knob places 3 vanes exactly 120 degrees apart.

As Top Pro Keith Beam says, "This new Blazer Helix Jig is the ticket. Perfect alignment every time. 3 degrees of helical gives the Blazer vane the perfect amount of rotation. Fletch with this jig and you'll be more accurate with your broadheads when that moment of truth arrives! Beamer..out!"

Pro Shooter Bill Epeards says "Whether you're hunting whitetails in the midwest or big game in Africa, accuracy starts with your arrows. The Blazer helix fletching jig is easy, accurate and with the 3 degree helical, you get the perfect spin for improved broadhead flight. Couple the helix jig with Platinum fletching adhesive and you've got the best 1-2 punch in arrowbuilding"

Bohning Blazer Fletching Jig

  • Pre-set 3 degree helix clamp aligns shaft automatically and a lock down which attaches clamp to the shaft to aid in fletching alignment
  • Helix designed for 19-64" diameter shafts
  • Perfectly fletch Blazer or any 2" vane every time!
  • Accuracy and arrow flight will amaze you
  • Sets 3 vanes 120 degrees apart
  • Clamp design prevents adhesive build-up on clamp
  • Simple to use and easy to set up
  • Small, yet very durable with fully illustrated instructions
  • This is the easiest jig to use. You will be fletching like a pro in no time at all
  • Fletching Jig comes with either a Right Wing Helical clamp or a STR8 (Straight) clamp. Please specify Helical or Straight

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