Bowmaster Portable Bow Press

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BowMaster Portable Compound Bow Press is simply the best portable bow press - a bow press in the palm of your hand. Every bowhunter should pack one in their hunting gear & stow one in their bow case

Bowmaster Portable Bow Press

Bowmaster Portable Bow Press Description

Bowmaster Portable Bow Press and Bow String Changer.

At a time when compound bows are becoming more and more complicated, working on them has become a little simpler with the Bowmaster. The Bowmaster puts all the capabilities of a full size bow press literally in the palm of your hand. The Bowmaster is compact and easy to carry and small enough to fit easily into your belt pack, backpack or even your pocket, making it the truly portable bow press.

The Bowmaster allows the pro shop or archer to easily replace the string or cables, install peep sights, adjust draw length, replace wheels or cams, install limb mounted quivers, replace the limbs or even replace the riser. For compound bow repairs at home, in the field or away from home, the Bowmaster Portable Bow Press is hard to beat.

The unique patented jackscrew design gives the Bowmaster a wider range of adjustment than the bulky and awkward levers used on other portable bow presses. The jackscrew is infinitely adjustable over it's range giving the precise amount of pull needed for each job. The Bowmaster's long range allows the replacement of a damaged, worn or broken bowstring.

You might think that replacing a broken bowstring is something that can be done with any bow press, but on many bows it is impossible with other portable bow presses. In fact, with the Bowmaster you can do any repairs that can be performed with a full size bench mounted bow press and yet the Bowmaster can do something they can' can fit in your pocket!

The plastic covered 3-8" cable ends fit all fork or V split limb bow models and optional special split limb brackets - Bowmaster Quad Limb Brackets - are required to press quad or full split limb bows and are available separately.

The Bowmaster's long range of pull eliminates the need for precise bow length adjustment. This allows for the use of a multiple stop cable with 1 1-4" adjustments in place of the bulky rods used by other portable bow presses for bow length adjustment. The multiple stop cable is one of the features that helps to make the Bowmaster one of the most compact portable bow presses on the market (just 3" x 5" when the cable is rolled up).

The 5-8" hex head permits the use of a wrench or socket driver for even greater ease of use when the situation allows. The hex head also permits the use of an electric or pneumatic socket driver to make the job even quicker.

The T handle allows for easy use in the field with no additional tools required.

The all metal construction of the Bowmaster features a multiple stop cable for adjustment to any bow length and makes this a tool that will give years of dependable service.

Works for all types of bows and fits all V split limb bows, but not for full split limb bows. Now with the Bowmaster Quad Limb Brackets, the Bowmaster portable bow press can also be used on quad limb or full split limb bows. The Quad Limb Brackets hook over the limb tips to provide a point of attachment for the Bowmaster portable bow press.

Ultra portable and light, the Bowmaster is a brilliant bow press and durable enough for regular bow maintenance chores.

Every bowhunter should own one. Quick and easy to use, this handy press gets you out of trouble and back shooting when out in the bush or in the field where there is no equipment to press your bow. The Bowmaster is small enough to stow in your gear, so you can take it wherever you go hunting or to a shoot or tournament.

Its simplicity is due to its heavy duty screw design which allows you to easily turn the handle.

Bowmaster Portable Bow Press is a must have for the serious archer.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Portable and light
  • Performs like a full size press
  • Works for all types of bows
  • Can press various axle to axle length bows - even today's super short models
  • Replace your strings or cables, install peeps, adjust draw length, replace wheels or cams, install limb mounted quivers
  • Fits all V split limb bows. Additional quad limb bracket adaptors - sold separately - are required for use with full split limb bows
  • Its size, weight and reliability are amazing - it simply works, year in - year out.

Bowmaster Portable Bow Press - "the truly portable bow press". Buy the Bowmaster today.......there is no other bow press like it!

Model Status: Superseded

The Bowmaster Portable Bow Press has been replaced by the
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